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Reunion Rescue operates the world's only no kill raw feeding pit bull refuge

For over fifteen years, Reunion Rescue has been saving pit bulls from death row and other horrible situations. We've learned how to feed and treat animals so they live long healthy lives free of cancer, kidney disease, arthritis and other nasty ailments which plague over-vaccinated kibble fed pets.

Babe, Cracker Jack, Austin and Syd join Peanut, Amber, Vinny, Nolan, LuLu, BeBe, and all the other smiling pups at Reunion Rescue, home of the world's friendliest pit bulls!
Reunion Rescue
Organic free range chicken with ground grass fed beef/organs/green tripe along with beets/kale/carrots and apples
Cindy Marabito

This work is not cheap and Reunion Rescue No Kill Refuge depends solely upon private contributions to continue our lifesaving work. Each month, we order food for the animals in sanctuary from humanely farmed sources and support heartworm and other parasite preventative with herbal and holistic treatments. The pit bulls reach out to help other unwanted animals.

This past few weeks we saved Syd, a malti-poo who was abandoned at 10 weeks with parvo, Cracker Jack, a red/white and blue heeler from Fort Worth who jumped his transport and was lost for 10 days in Waco. We saved Austin, a registered blue heeler Australian Cattle dog whose owner was going to euthanize him and Bella, a little pointer puppy offered for free on the Fort Hood, Texas free page.

To give you an idea of what it costs to save animals, this month we spent $460.00 on Texas Tripe order, $575.00 for free range chicken from the co-op. Nearly $600 was spent to track Cracker Jack lost in Waco. $500 on bones, chews and treats along with $300 for spay/neuters and vetting.

No one here at Reunion Rescue takes a salary or profits from donations toward saving animals. We do not receive any help from the huge pet store conglomerates like Petco and PetSmart Charities. Where are all those donations going when we check out and the meter asks for money for homeless pets? It sure isn't helping out our purchases at Petco and PetSmart for hundreds of dollars per month.

Please share our Reunion Rescue story and help out with a small donation on our website www,

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