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Reunion Rescue Freedom Riders

Cheerful happy healthy Reunion Rescue freedom riders
Cheerful happy healthy Reunion Rescue freedom riders
Reunion Rescue


Our precious BeBe
Reunion Rescue

Reunion Rescue operates the world's only no kill raw feeding holistic pit bull refuge. It's expensive to care for dogs deemed unadoptable by shelters, but Reunion Rescue has found a method involving an organic BARF diet along with detox protocol to remove the poisons and toxins injected by over-vaccination.

A hate group has been attacking our rescue for nearly two years with false accusations from San Francisco ACC director, Rebecca Katz, who was recently fired at San Francisco Animal Control. With false allegations of animal cruelty, abandonment and dog killing, Reunion Rescue has continued our mission to save lives and heal these wonderful dogs with herbal and holistic treatment.

These attacks began nearly two years ago when the American Pit Bull Examiner began covering the story of Charlie, whose whereabouts are now in question. Many wonder if Charlie is even alive as this group which has ties to the city of San Francisco attorney's office and has bragged about connections with court officials, law enforcement and even the counsel for David Gizzarelli.

The hate group has been posting on major newspapers false statements that Reunion Rescue has no dogs and is using donation money for nefarious uses, such as home improvements. These kinds of lies kill animals. Recently the group has used their numbers to block our Facebook page from helping other animals. For a group with strong ties to pit bull hate groups like Dawn James' Craven Desires and high kill shelters, this sort of behavior is not surprising.

For anyone who might read the inflammatory and untrue statements being promoted by members of this group including a highly place San Francisco MUNI official who uses city equipment to promote the doctrine of the hate group, here are the dogs of Reunion Rescue...freedom riders. These dogs are well cared for and have sanctuary for life should the perfect home not be found.

Many of our 'freedom riders' will be walking in Strut Your Mutt this year despite hate group sabotaging our Facebook efforts to publicize the event. What kind of people are against homeless dogs finding rescue?

Shadow is a character. He was found with his ears chopped off wandering around Pflugerville, TX. We saved him and placed him with a nice lady in Wimberley but she had to rehome him.

Shadow came back to Reunion No Kill Refuge and plumb decided to stay. We're fine with that and love our Shadow.
Stop by and share a hoot and a holler with Shadow who's celebrating his freedom ride day 1885!


William came from Stockton Shelter where pit bulls have an awful time. Before that, he was beat, drug behind a truck and burned nearly to death on a bar-b-que grill.

William has recovered, but we have given him safe harbor for life here at Reunion Rescue No Kill Refuge and he goes to work with Scott every day. He is a very hard worker and works for treats, too.

William is celebrating freedom ride day 1280 so please stop by and give him a holler. He is a wonderful boy and tries so hard.


Vinny was pulled from Marin Humane when they deemed this big blind boy human aggressive. If you don't mind a bit of over-zealous kissing, nobody's been endangered yet.

Vinny's partner Guido pulled from Wasco CA is adopted and walking with us in Strut Your Mutt. Vinny walked last year but has yet to find a walker or a hopeful new home yet.

Vinny is celebrating freedom ride day 1185 today.


Amber and Stella were saved from the mean streets of Houston, both chained up to a cyclone fence with their feet unable to touch the ground. We raised money and boarded them at Spindletop where they murdered Stella and lied about it.
Amber is safe and we are healing together. Amber celebrates her 1155 freedom ride day and we only wish our Stella was here with us.

Please visit our charming Amber and say hi on her Facebook page:


BeBe was Batgirl and going to be killed at Austin's no kill shelter. I pulled her on my birthday and had no place to put her, so boarded her at Spindletop which turned out to be the most evil place on earth.

She had a terrible time of it and had been driven crazy there, but through our herbal detox is a happy, slappy, smiley healthy girl today, our BeBe.

BeBe is celebrating freedom ride day 1190 and waiting for her perfect home. Stop by her page and say hi!


Peanut used to be Feo and was one of the horrible abuse cases from Spindletop. He is safe and happy and enjoying his 970 day's freedom ride today!

Stop by Peanut's page and say 'hi' while he fetches that ball all day long, taking one for team Reunion.


Nolan and LuLu share a combined 1550 freedom ride days. Nolan almost wound up at Spindletop but the driver heard about the raid and turned around. LuLu was abandoned, but they found each other and true love at Reunion Rescue.

Please visit their page and give 'em a shout..Nolan and LuLu will be walking in Strut Your Mutt this year for the second time..we're hoping next year they'll be walking with their new owner.

Nolan and LuLu:

Posey: Buster Posey a.k.a. Pokey is enjoying his 395 freedom ride day. Reunion Rescue pulled Posey from Solano County and he even walked in last year's Strut Your Mutt before coming back to Reunion Rescue No Kill Refuge where he lives it up all day long tossing his cloth frisbee..catch him in the act on his Facebook page and say 'hi' to Posey while you're there:


Princess: Princess has 425 freedom ride days! We pulled her for another group from Moreno Valley ACC and she immediately came down with distemper. Costs to cure distemper and boarding care for 6 months so she could travel to Reunion Rescue No Kill Refuge ran nearly 6K but she's well, sassy and happy.

Stop by and like our Princess who's looking for a perfect home where they'll continue her raw feeding and homeopathic herbal support.


Bella: Babe now called Bella was offered for free on Craigslist so Reunion Rescue saved her and she's enjoying her 146 day freedom ride. Go Bella, go..she is being fostered to adopt right across the Colorado River from Reunion Rescue!

Please like Bella's page and congratulate her on her 146 days of freedom and love!


Cracker Jack: Cracker Jack's 148 day Reunion Rescue freedom ride!

Here's Cracker Jack's page..stop by and give him a holler and a like!

Cracker Jack:

Reunion Rescue's Austin....116 day ride to freedom.....we've been very busy so didn't get around to posting Austin's freedom ride the first day...116 days ago, so here he from euthanasia and ready for a working home:

Austin would love to walk in Strut Your Mutt for his rescue group, Reunion Rescue this year...any takers? Just visit our home page and sign up!

Austin's Australian Cattle Dog Page:

Our dogs are doing fine and loving life for the first time in their lives. Our stories have helped thousands of other dogs and animals find rescue and learn the secrets of healthy happy living.

Please share our story and consider helping out by sponsoring one of our pups even if just for a day of strutting.


Zero tolerance permitted for pit bull hate groups and proponents of high kill shelters.

Cindy Marabito of Reunion Rescue writes the American Pit Bull Examiner stories to save lives. Every click on a story donates to the animals.

Reunion Rescue:

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