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Returning winter pushes us to rest

Winter brings us all back inside to explore the heart, together.
Winter brings us all back inside to explore the heart, together.

There is a true beauty to be found in winter. When we look at the change in the landscapes and consider what transformations have taken place for it to now appear barren and frigid we can conclude that nature is resilient to all possible temperatures and environmental cycles. Naturally change takes place. As the cold weather is setting in, we are breathing more deeply and entering a place where silence echoes and we take longer to answer back to everything.

We have arrived at the start of a new season, one where we will be less motivated to engage in activity, put more layers on to cover us up and keep us warm and watch from homes the quiet glory of falling snow. Our bodies take on a metamorphosis from expressing ourselves in vibrant fashion and a willful energetic presence to a more docile and melancholy state of being. We can take on the archetype of the Hermit and shift into a place we go to be alone with our thoughts and take time away from society. We retreat and rest.

How do we rest?

Resting is simply, or not so simply, a process of slowing down and allowing things to happen. Resting is the act of letting go of the controlling or manipulating which we consciously and subconsciously use to engage in activities to get things or circumstances to appear as we want them to. When we begin to relax into this slower pace we actually find we have more energy. We begin to feel inspired to read, write, or to take on a new hobby. Like a Hermit, we stay close to home and work on our inner surroundings. We begin to beautify from the inside out. Some of us will venture outside and take on winter sports and activities but will still find shorter daylight hours and more time inside for reflection. The body itself slows down as the sun exposure weakens and many of us can start to feel depressed and alone. Our ability to remain strong, like the trees do in the winter months, is provided by shelter to a solid inner core storing what we need when we return to the inside.

As we fall into ourselves and explore our interior on a deeper level something new is birthed.

While looking into the newly frozen rivers and reservoirs, we can see that there is always a design of beauty and new creation coming through. The patterns and shapes that appear in the ice can represent a new strain of life and information coming in while we think things are just at a standstill. Life is cyclical and in a constant state of flux with a timing we don’t orchestrate, nature does. Winter is our season and time of surrender; a place where silence becomes our guide - we don’t talk, we listen. We take time to tune into the subtle vibrations that still are flickering within trying to cue us into this place that comforts and cuddles us when we feel abandoned. We rest into this space by quieting down the interactions with others and finding a friend in ourselves.

Letting go of the attachments we have to things, people, circumstances and even our self is what we need to keep in heart while evolving through this season of growth. This collapse into detachment is one of our hardest lessons as we tread toward our path of awakening. As we have more time to reflect in the winter, we start to stir up within a process of recognizing what emotions are still left in our interior soils that are causing continual erosion or decay. We can begin to place ourselves as an observer to what we find. This means we are to watch the scenes that come across our memory screens and review them for accuracy and truth. What is real; what is fiction? As the voices calm down and we begin to rest things may start to appear as what they are, not what we thought they were. Thinking now will be taken through the heart first then up to our head. With this time of silence we can actually make decisions and movements to create change from a place of truth, not drama or anxious resolutions.

Within the darkness there still lies light. As we do experience less sunshine in the winter we also are faced with an interior that exposes our shadow self for examination. We can allow the winter to be a place for exposing our shadow to dance and show itself in our quiet space. Alone we can face some of the truths we wish not to see and deal with this part of our personality or attitude that forces us to be aware of just what we need to face. We are seeing things here that may be keeping us from finding happiness, in the now. Our shadow is the part of us that beckons behind an argument and fuels our intentions with not such a pretty definition; one that lingers into relationships and snaps out when provoked; the shadow is the cave of the subconscious self which is there to push us and let us know that we must find balance with all parts of our true selves. We all have the shadow element of self and to recognize just what this piece of ourselves is and look to it with eyes of forgiveness and purpose will release our whole spirit out of delusion and into conclusion that we are perfect and divine just the way we are.

Allowing, acceptance, and recognition are our assignments for the winter and our cure for the interior winter blues. We all feel a sense of longing for the warmth and vitality that the sun gives us in the summer and fall so the winter has our lives feeling a little darker. By giving ourselves time and space to enjoy the peace that winter can bring, as we quiet our mind and slow our pace, we will come to see that winter is quite beautiful and rewarding. As we excavate into the dark areas of our interior we can begin to see the places that cause us pain and are in need of tuning. Our mission is to find balance and create a more solid environment for ourselves that will be ripe and ready for the spring. Enjoy this time of serenity without the doldrums and find appreciation for life in its totality. Awaken to the light through the dark, celebrate life throughout all seasons.

Happy New Year!

Love Courageously!

Love Exposed


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