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Returning to the Root of Music City Roots

Returning once again to one of my favorite venues which always grants me a great return in experiencing a great variety of artistry. Music City Roots at the Loveless Barn featured:

The Coal Men.

Ben Cameron

Angeleena Presley

Big Daddy Love

This is my first visit since Music City Roots partnered with Lightening 100 and continued its generous format of wide reaching artistry and musicianship.

The evening began with Keith Bilberry introducing the evenings lineup.

Hosting is Jim Lauderdale. Jim shared a timeless song that he cowrote “ I Will Wait for You.” Eloquent simplicity with Jim on acoustic guitar and straightforward presence.

First of the featured artists of the evening was The Cole Men.

The Coal Men is fronted by Dave Coleman on guitar with drummer Dave Ray and Bassist Hitch.

Dave’s artful use of his voice with a bit of a smokey edge nice solid guitar work with a bit of flair and effects built a nice solid contemporary feel with enough silence in between the tempo to build nice tension and dynamic showcasing of the vocals expression and content.

Dave brought up Bob Delavante who he acknowledged is a big influence in his life. Dave joined him in the song Columbus and the Colossal Mistake.Nice collaboration and complimentary style. Adding to the set was a song that was picked up by the show The Deadliest Catch “ Father Find Me Now.” A bit mournful and pensive It was a great emotive song.

The Coal Men have a my space at: .

Segment 2 featured Ben Cameron. Ben has an expansive quality that his vocals carry, a culmination of different influences some to allude to as 70's influence or Paul Simon but has an authenticity that connect with the listener.

Very well put together instrumention with two girl harmony singers strong presence and sweet pieces of vunerability steep through the lyrics which kept the listeners attention.

My Poor Heart, I Think I know I Love You, also Not throwing stones laid out well thought ranges stylistically and tight well phrased vocals.

Ben was a delight to listen to and easy to connect with a standout in the sea of musicality of music city.

Ben has a website at :

Artist Angeleena Presley is billed as a voice rich with appalachian heritage. One of her songs “ Knocked Up was picked up by Heidi Newfield.

Angeleena songwriting is about the raw basic parts of life and its experiences. She hails from Coal Mining country of Kentucky and her roots show strong in her presentation and songwriting.

Angeleena's has a my space at :

Last up was Big Daddy Love. Daniel Justin Smith is from Ashville NC. Daniel reconnected with a high school buddy to form the band. During his interview with Craig Haverhurst he shared his influences of progressive roots and bluegrass. The band is fairly new and is spreading its wings into the foray of uptempo appalachian rock.The banjo is a nice addition adding some creativity and verve to the instrumentation.

Big Daddy Love has a has a website at :

The last song of the night in which everyone participated was : Going Down the Road Feeling Bad. Which I certainly didn’t do as always Music City Roots has a great scope of musicial experiences to share with the listeners.


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