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‘Return to the Hiding Place’ relates true story of Corrie ten Boom’s teen army

In his new movie, “Return to the Hiding Place,” writer and director Peter Spencer tells the unknown story of a young man who, with the help of his friends, saved countless lives. It sort of picks up where Corrie ten Boom’s story, “The Hiding Place” left off. The widely popular movie “The Hiding Place” told the story of Corrie ten Boom and how she made her home a safe house for Jews trying to escape the Nazis. Corrie spoke often about the unorthodox army who helped her, and that is the story being told now. Set for widespread release in November, “Return to the Hiding Place” is currently playing in limited theaters until May 29, 2014, and had multiple sold out premiers in San Antonio, Texas, and New Braunfels, Texas, with the Sunday matinee being sold out for Washington, DC. Tickets can be reserved in advance on Seatzy.

For wide release November 2014
Spencer Productions

Based on a true story, “Return to the Hiding Place” is an inspiring action-packed thriller from Spencer Productions that takes bravery to a whole new level. The story is about a young man named Piet Hartog, his love, Aty van Woerden, and his friends who are part of Corrie ten Boom’s teenaged army. Hans Poley joins Piet after he is forced into hiding because he decided to not join the Nazis. Seeing all that was being done to the Jewish people, Corrie ten Boom decides that enough is enough, and puts together an army like no other. Corrie’s army has no training, but they are filled with purpose and desire. Their purpose? To do the right thing in the face of danger and fear, and to stand up to the Nazi regime. Their desire? To save innocent lives from suffering beyond imagination at the whim of a cruel dictator. Piet, Hans, Aty, and the others stand up to fight when no one else would. They move to stop the atrocities that are being carried out in the name of Hitler, and his twisted ideals. Like the world class spies of “Mission Impossible” Piet, Hans, Aty, and their friends face any challenges that come their way to do anything and everything they can to defy Hitler, and to save the Jewish people. With special codes and secret rooms, this group of teens steal from the Nazis, impede their progress, and rescue the Jews from persecution. With a climax you have to see to believe, this movie is sure to inspire and move audiences!

Cast includes Craig Robert Young (“Just for Kicks”, “10 Things I Hate About You”), John Rhys-Davies (“Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”, “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy, “The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement), Mimi Sagadin (“The Awesome 80’s Prom”), Stass Klassen (“Escape From Tomorrow”, “Under Jacob’s Ladder”), Rachel Spencer Hewitt (theatrical performances in “Much Ado About Nothing”, and “All’s Well that Ends Well), and Olympic medalist Josh Davis.

“Return to the Hiding Place” is headed by director, writer, and executive producer, Peter Spencer (“Heroes of Faith”, “Heroes of the Titanic”), and also produced by Petra Spencer Pearce.

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