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Return to Ravnica 'Azorius Advance' intro pack deck list and review

Azorius Advance intro pack
Wizards of the Coast

"Azorius Advance" is one of five new "Return to Ravnica" intro packs. Like the "M13" intro packs ("Mob Rule," "Sole Domination," "Depths of Power," "Path to Victory," and "Wild Rush"), each of the new "Return to Ravnica" intro packs comes with a how to play insert, tip guide, and two unopened "Return to Ravnica" booster packs for an MSRP of $14.99.

Some believe the Azorius Senate only prevents things from happening. Prove them wrong with the "Azorius Advance" deck. While the detain ability locks up their defenses, your flying creatures will lay down the law.

"Azorius Advance" comes with two rares: A foil Archon of the Triumvirate and a Righteous Authority.

"Azoruis Advance" intro pack deck list
Creatures (25)
1 Archon of the Triumvirate
2 Azorius Arrester
1 Azorius Justiciar
2 Battleflight Eagle
2 Bazaar Krovod
2 Concordia Pegasus
1 Lyev Skyknight
1 New Prahv Guildmage
3 Silvercoat Lion
1 Skyline Predator
1 Soulsworn Spirit
2 Stealer of Secrets
2 Trained Caracal
2 Vassal Soul
Other Spells (12)
1 Angel's Mercy
2 Arrest
2 Azorius Keyrune
1 Dramatic Rescue
1 Inaction Injunction
1 Righteous Authority
2 Show of Valor
1 Swift Justice
1 Tablet of the Guilds
Lands (25)
1 Azorius Guildgate
12 Island
12 Plains

In "Azorius Advance" you'll lead the game with quick card advantage creatures like Stealer of Secrets and abuse cards that feature the Detain mechanic while you soar ahead with flyers and gain tempo.

You'll buy time with life gain cards like Tablet of the Guilds while you load up on bounce spells such as Dramatic Rescue to further slow enemy threats. The whole time your creatures will pecking away at the opponent's life total.

It takes careful play to win with the starting deck list of "Azorius Advance," however there's a lot of room for improvements to give this controlling deck a boost of power.

The included insert suggests adding Isperia, Supreme Judge for late game support, Sphinx's Revelation for massive card draw, and Martial Law to help detain more of your opponent's threats.

Several other cards that may be worthy of consideration include mass removal spells such as Supreme Verdict, Terminus and Devastation Tide.

Another idea might be to play up heavily on the life gain element by adding Rhox Faithmender, Drogskol Reaver, and Chalice of Life.

No matter how you choose to customize it, the "Azorius Advance" intro pack provides an great value for a low price point.

If the "Azorius Advance" intro pack doesn't fit your play style, then one of the four other "Return to Ravnica" intro packs might:

"Azorius Advance" will be available on retail shelves on October 5, 2012.

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