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Return to Elizabeth's blood bath with "House of Bathory"

This is the cover art for Linda Lafferty's upcoming "House of Bathory"
Amazon Publishing

“House of Bathory” by Linda Lafferty focuses on Betsy Path, a psychoanalyst, and her teenage patient, Daisy Hart. Both are haunted by their past and soon realize that the atrocities of Elizabeth Bathory still echo in modern day. The novel divides its time between the 1600s and modern day as Betsy and Daisy attempt to unravel how the curse of Elizabeth Bathory is still at work. The novel is, of course, inspired by the true events surrounding the infamous Bathory and the torture she executed on young women in an attempt to lengthen her own life. It looks as though Lafferty will throw in plenty of fictional suspense in the form of intrigue during Bathory’s time as well as whatever horrors she has in mind for her two heroines. Amazon Publishing is releasing the title on January 14th and it will be available in paperback, Kindle, and MP3 audio.

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