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'Return to Amish': Words to live by from Rebecca Schmucker

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The latest in “Amish TV” is “Return to Amish.” That is the latest series, starring the original cast from “Breaking Amish.” During the latest episode, which aired Sunday, June 8, Rebecca Schmucker offered wise words to live by.

“You don't stick things up your a** unless prescribed by a doctor, the pregnant Rebecca Schmucker said.

This was in reference to a suggestion made by the Amish midwife. Rebecca Schmucker had been seeing her since her false labor on Christmas. The Amish midwife suggested that she insert a potato in her anus to help with hemorrhoids. Rebecca was not interested in trying this Amish treatment for hemorrhoids.

The Amish midwife asked if she wanted to know the sex of the unborn baby. She took out a pair of fingernail clippers, tied to a string. The midwife believes that by holding the clippers over a pregnant woman's stomach that she can tell, by which way the clippers swing, if the baby will be a boy or a girl.

Rebecca Schmucker was not interested in trying what she considers to be an “Amish wives' tale.” In the latest episode of “Return to Amish,” she did admit she believes in some herbal remedies, but does not trust Amish midwives.

According to Amish America, some Amish midwives are licensed. It is not required for them to be licensed. There are Amish birthing centers. One such birthing center is in New Beford, Ohio. Some Amish women prefer to give birth in the birth centers. Amish women can give birth in at home, a birth center or even a hospital.

“I used a midwife for all of my kids,” Olivia Hooper, a mother of three from Oklahoma City, said. “She wasn't Amish and she had a license. My first was born in a hospital. My last two were born at a birthing center. I trusted my midwife completely.”

It appears the Abe and Rebecca Schmucker has chosen to give birth in a hospital. At the end of the June 8 episode of “Return to Amish,” Rebecca had been taken to the hospital, by ambulance, to have the baby. Fans of “Return to Amish” will have to turn next week to see Baby Schmucker.



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