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'Return to Amish' spoilers: Does Chapel marry Andrew?

Amish kids
Amish kids
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Tonight on a new episode of "Return to Amish" fans watched as Chapel told Andrew that she wouldn't marry him. On Sunday night, he proposed to her and she said no. She recently found out that her cancer was back and Chapel didn't feel okay with marrying him while she was sick. He didn't care at all though and wants to be with her. Andrew loves this girl and just wants to make her happy.

They ended the show with her telling him no and the previews don't share anything about what is going to happen. Heavy shared that these two have already tied the knot though. They have figured out a way to work it out and she ends up telling him yes. The wedding already happened but they were able to keep most of the details a secret.

The wedding happened on May 10 in Pennsylvania. They even have a Facebook page together and they are doing great. On this page, they talk to fans and share that they are doing great. It looks like Chapel is still fighting her cancer but she is now a married woman and things are going good for them. Life is great for these two and everyone is happy to hear that she said yes.

The TLC cameras caught the entire thing. This means that the show will be airing the wedding of Chapel and Andrew Schmucker. It should air on this season of "Return to Amish" on TLC before the show is over. It is unknown if it will be back for another season or not but it could come back again.

Don't miss new episodes of "Return to Amish" every Sunday night on TLC. This series is doing great and fans can't wait to see how it turns out. Obviously she will say yes to him very soon. Congrats to the happy couple.