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'Return to Amish' spoilers: Chapel and Rebecca get to know each other

Amish farmer
Amish farmer
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Fans of "Breaking Amish" are loving the show is back on as "Return to Amish." On Friday, The Wrap shared a big preview for the upcoming episode that will air this weekend. In this clip, Rebecca will sit down with Chapel to get to know her better. Chapel is dating Andrew and Rebecca happens to be his sister-in-law.

In this clip, Rebecca says that she was surprised Chapel called her to go out. They met for coffee and just to sit down. Rebecca said she doesn't know Chapel well at all. She admits that she is very outspoken. Sometimes she does feel awkward being the only English person around. Andy and Chapel are opposites but they are able to make it work.

Chapel also asks Rebecca if Andrew will actually open up and can handle a real relationship. Rebecca explained that they had to learn all over again how to open up. Rebecca doesn't remember him actually ever dating a girl but just says that she does remember him sleeping around. That had to be a bit shocking for Chapel to hear. She told Chapel way more stories about it than she ever wanted to hear. The thing is Chapel doesn't only have nice things to say about Rebecca.

Things do work out though between Andy and Chapel. Spoilers are out for this season and wedding bells are coming. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out and how she can get him to settle on just one woman. These two are somehow a perfect match for each other. The wedding happened on May 10 and the TLC cameras were there to catch it all.

Don't miss new episodes of "Return to Amish" when they air on Sunday nights. This new episode will air on June 15 on TLC. You will not want to take the chance of missing any of the drama on this series.