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'Return to Amish' finale: Is this show renewed or canceled?

Sabrina of 'Breaking Amish'
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Tonight was the big finale of "Return to Amish." This was an one hour finale show. Now fans want to know if this group will be back again for another season. There is no news if this show is coming back or not. On Sunday, the show went to their Facebook page to share about the finale tonight.

They simply shared that tonight there would be an episode where they answer questions. There was no explanation about if this show would be back for another season or not. They haven't called it a series finale yet, but that doesn't mean anything yet either. TLC is just not sharing if this show will be back again or not. It took them a little while to let everyone know about the season that just aired so hopefully it is still coming.

The show "Breaking Amish" went to their page and shared that a new season will be coming in October. This will be a new cast though. It will be kind of like "Breaking Amish: LA." They will bring on all new cast members who have decided to leave the Amish world. There is not an exact return date but it will be on in October. You never know if the old cast will make an appearance on this show.

Fans want to know if "Return to Amish" will be back or not and actually there is no way to know for now. They are not admitting to it or denying it. The cast members have been really upset about how things are going lately. They might not come back again for another season though. If TLC offers them enough money, they might be willing to return. Everyone wants updates on Chapel. Viewers will just have to wait and see what is going to happen with this show. Hopefully it will be back again so everyone can get updates on their favorites.

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