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Restore passion for your business with Dr. Kris Oster's Enchantment mastermind

February may be the month for Valentines and romance but for many female entrepreneurs bringing more passion to their lives also includes investing it in their businesses. Passion for one's business is often a crucial ingredient for long-term success and sustainability as an entrepreneur.

Becoming an entrepreneur is more than a career path, it’s a call to adventure ~ Dr. Kris Katsuko Oster
Mythic Rhythm

Like a relationship, running one's own business has it own unique moments of peaks and valleys. The all too common honeymoon phrase experienced at the beginning of an entrepreneurial venture is often full of passion and excitement. Eventually the first blush of exuberance for one's own business can pass and over time, profits and productivity demand a return to the passion that an entrepreneur had at the start.

Renewing a romance with your own venture sometimes requires a mentor, like-minded supportive peers, and a dose of Enchantment. Enter Dr. Kris Katsuko Oster and her aptly titled mastermind group, "Return to Enchantment: Bringing Pleasure, Rapture + Delight Back into your Business".

The 12-week mastermind provides an intensive and creative group coaching format with regular support among participants plus mentoring with Oster. The main source that drives the success of a business, is the person who runs it, and if that individual is lacking in inspiration so will their enterprise. Enchantment is designed to replenish one's vision, brand, marketing brand, niche, and all things entrepreneurial. Oster's introduction to the kind of play provided in Enchantment which leads to profits, productivity, and prosperity, makes it clear that restoring passion in a business is a kind of adventure.

Enchantment is delivered in a seven module format beginning February 3. Participants follow with the exercises, brainstorm with one another on a private Facebook group, and exchange ideas and "A-HA" moments in group calls scheduled throughout the three month mastermind. Oster places emphasis on enjoying one's life while running a successful business through a series of creative "homeplay" (instead of homework) to kickstart right brain problem-solving and creating.

What sets Enchantment apart from other mastermind coaching groups for business owners is that it's specifically for women. Oster embraces the feminine style of leadership and acknowledges the role of intuition and intellect in bringing a business to its next level. She also is aware of the unique needs that female entrepreneurs have in their various roles in work and life: business woman, mother, spouse, matriarch, etc. Limited spots are still available for those interested in joining the next round of Enchantment, click here to register now.

Testimonials: Praise from participants of Bewitch: Cast Your Spell to Get the Customers you Crave (October to November 2013)

“First I want to tell you how much I am thoroughly enjoying this course. I love the blend of solid marketing principals and mythic, magic making. It is feeding my mystical/practical self in such a rich, deep way and in a completely different way than other marketing work I have done. In all the years I have been in business and have been writing ideal customer profiles (and it had been many on both counts) this is the first time I enjoyed it. I am learning so much about her. I feel like I am touching into the essence of the woman I serve rather than reporting on a hypothetical collection of descriptors. I am looking forward to more!”
- Sandi Davis, CPCC, Luscious Life-life coaching and intuitive wisdom for women.

“Hey – it’s Friday afternoon here in Australia. I guess that means that when I wake up tomorrow morning, week 2 tasks will be posted. So excited!! I am LOVING this course. I did an online business school course last year but I couldn’t connect with a lot of the information because it was too dry. Kris, the magical energy you are bringing to this course is weaving it’s way into my heart, soul & brain and even after one week, everything is finally clicking. xxx”
- Kim Tennant, Krysalis Astrology,

“I can’t say enough about the Bewitch Program I was part of this past November. To say this is a “Rave Review” would be an understatement of grand proportion. Kris has a real knack for helping her clients to create a beautiful balance between creativity and logic. I spent most of 2013 stuck in a logical rut and not being clear about how to combine my creativity to mold my business into something compelling and unique. Nothing I did seemed to create any kind of result, either positive or negative.

Thanks to Kris and the Bewitch Program, I was finally able to get in touch with my creativity and form a brand that is both bewitching and beguiling; a thing of pure beauty that I’m proud to say is mine. As a result, I’ve gotten more subscribers, more clients and as a bonus, formed some amazing, supportive friendships. If you’re feeling stuck in your business and you’re ready to take off the blinders to realize the true beauty of your gifts, you can’t afford NOT to be part of The Return of Enchantment. Not only will it boost your business, it will boost your self-esteem and confidence in your value and teach you how to not just discover, but put a unique spin on your talents. I highly recommend it for anyone struggling either to grow their business or launch one.”
- Merry Wise, Business Accountability and Rich Life Coach,

“I have had the pleasure of working with Kris both as a coach and a customer. Let me tell you, THAT mermaid marketing maven is the REAL deal!

My business has done a complete 180 since taking my first class with her, and my sales have almost tripled. She has taught me that singing my siren song and trying to sell to others doesn’t have to feel icky. She has also challenged me to leverage my time and resources more effectively so that I don’t have to kill myself to get things accomplished.

Kris’ refreshing class and product offerings have created another devoted customer for as long as we swim in the same sea.”
— Angelique Mroczka,

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