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Return of the Shows - August 2013 Premiers

Fall 2013 TV Premiers - August
Fall 2013 TV Premiers - August
Samantha Holloway

Wow, a new season of TV already! There are literally dozens of shows starting between now and November, but for the sake of this column, here's what we're most excited about:

  • 7th - Broadchurch. (BBCAm) David Tennant and Arthur Darvill back on TV, and in the same show? And it happens to be a police procedural? This reviewer is in.
  • 10th - Hell on Wheels (AMC) comes back! Is Miss Lily Bell really strangled by the Swede, or is she Bohannon's new revenge story? The release of this show was delayed because of a switchover with the showrunner, so here's hoping it isn't a rocky switchover!
  • 10th - The White Queen. (Starz) Set against the drama of The War of the Roses, about three women caught up in the struggle for the English throne. Historicals are always piled with drama, and this is another import from BBC. Not to be confused, as I previously did, with the CW show Reign, which is about Mary Queen of Scots.
  • 11th - Eat, Drink, Love. (Bravo) The official website says "Eat, Drink, Love follows five single ladies as they claw their way to the top of the male-dominated Los Angeles food scene." It promises piles of awesome food and a reality TV series that's not about overly-rich plastic women being horrible to eachother. At least, not yet.
  • 27th - FaceOff and Heroes of Cosplay. (SyFy) FaceOff is fun, and this year they have veterans of the field of movie (&etc) makeup facing off against noobs trying to break into the field. And also this year, it's paired with a whole show about Cosplay, which is all of a sudden something people are interested enough in to make a TV show about. From the commercials, it's unclear exactly the tone the show will take, but it looks worth checking out!

And all this week we have Shark Week! It started last night with some reruns of giant jumping sharks and a fake-docudrama about someone tracking a Megalodon that I thought was too close to the tone and feel of the actual docudramas on the channel, but hey, it was cool looking. And it was followed by Shark After Dark, the latest of the Talking Dead clones that are popping up after cult-favorite TV shows, which was fun.

What're you looking forward to this month? Share in the comments below!


Samantha Tweets, Tumbles, Blogs and has been listening to her brother randomly scream "SHARK WEEK!!!" for a month.

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