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Rettig, BC’s only hope vs. Florida State

He's back but he is still a freshman
He's back but he is still a freshman

The boy wonder is back in Maroon and Gold.

After a scary scene against Notre Dame, with arguably the future of the Eagles football program limping off the field on a bum ankle, Chase Rettig is back in pads and ready to make his mark on the ACC.

Last week’s thrashing at the hands of former Eagles and current NC State coach, Tom O’Brien and the wolfpack, there was such a lack of confidence in BC’s quarterback play that there was even talk of practice squad Redshirt QB, Josh Bordner getting the start against the ACC’s top program.

Now, looking at the hideous numbers that both Shinskie and Marscovetra have put up so far this season (combined: 7 TD’s and 10 INT’s) maybe the move to Bordner wouldn’t have been as terrible as first thought.

But, thankfully, Spaziani and the coaching staff didn’t have to resort to such drastic measures.

Rettig is back.

No, we can’t honestly expect the California kid to step in on Saturday and suddenly be the second coming on Matt Ryan. Nor should we even expect him to lead us to a dramatic victory against a Seminole team that just crushed Miami by almost 30 points.

To be fair, we shouldn’t even set high standards for him. Rettig is an 18-year old kid who is being thrust into the starting role a lot earlier than expected only because there’s an honest to god emergency.

For a program that breeds consistency, falling below the .500 mark is considered an emergency.

After nine bowl appearances in nine straight seasons, missing postseason play for the first time in a decade would be seen as more of a faux-pas than double-dipping in your aunt’s homemade salsa on the Fourth of July. It’s just not acceptable.

Maybe 10 years ago, when BC fans couldn’t even fathom the idea of a national championship (not too far removed) and still thought that an appearance in the Top-25 was special, this wouldn’t be a big deal.

But, some years later, those fans clad in the Maroon and Gold are expecting much more from an otherwise mediocre football program.

Sure, BC football still doesn’t receive the respect it deserves on a national level but, for a school best known for its hockey program, our standards have become a bit ridiculous.

It isn’t out of the question to expect a .500 record and a bowl appearance every year, but to think that there won’t be hiccups along the way is a bit unrealistic.

So, as we get set for what I am praying won’t be a complete embarrassment on Saturday, I’m hoping that Rettig isn’t feeling too much pressure.

I think I speak for BC fans everywhere when I say a win is ideal on Saturday afternoon. But, a wise man once told me “suffering is part of success” and I think we need to consider that when judging Rettig in the weeks ahead.

More than likely, he isn’t going to be the immediate answer to all our problems and we will be lucky if he leads us to a 6-6 record at years end. But, the kid has plenty of promise and a skill set unmatched by any other quarterback we got; so we must be patient.

He’ll probably have a few flashes of brilliance and make some plays that we haven’t thought possible since the days of Matty Ice, but he’s still raw.

There’s still a lot of work to be done before Rettig leads this team to a victory over a top-25 team on the road.

So, let’s stick to our strengths, run the football, play hard nosed defense and hopefully keep from turning the ball over.

If we can throw a little check mark next to each one of those categories come Saturday then I think we will at least stick around for most of the game and give FSU a run for their money.

But, with a freshman under center, don’t be too surprised if it doesn’t exactly turn out that way.


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