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Retro rock: Do you remember? 22

Your crusty chronicler is wildly waxing nostalgic once again. Having seen lots of young’uns in the Los Angeles area wearing vintage rock band t-shirts, it seemed a good idea to educate these kids about the assorted artists advertised across their chests. With the number of classic rock stations surviving in L.A. as well as all the remakes by popular artists, sampling and cover versions on hit shows like Glee, it seemed like a good idea.

Retro rock: Do you remember?
Retro rock: Do you remember?
All Images Courtesy of TOO unless otherwise indicated
Retro rock: Do you remember?
Courtesy of TOO

Hence this series: “Retro Rock: Do You Remember?” Here your rockin’ record reviewer lists and describes actual songs (released as singles) personally purchased over the years. The songs here are presented in the order in which they were acquired not the order in which they were actually released. (So read on and leave a comment if you remember any of these tunes!)

NOTE: (This edition of the series includes more cassingles recently re-discovered in your recollectin’ writer’s junk room. For those not up on their audio ancient history, cassingles were cassette singles that often featured only one song per side. In essence, they were the tape versions of 45 singles.)

“Silent Lucidity” b/w “The Mission” (Live)—Queensryche: Both of these tunes are Chris DeGarmo compositions from the 1990 album Empire. At the end of the track either cello or double bass plays the theme from the traditional Brahms' Lullaby. Unlike the vinyl and CD single, the cassingle doesn’t have the song “Eyes of a Stranger” on it as the final track.

“Addams Groove”Hammer: This cassingle by the artist formerly known as MC Hammer is from 1991. It features the “LP Version” of the song from the motion picture and also includes the accompanying “Instrumental”. (Not but this was either a gift from someone or a sale purchase for Halloween.)

“You Don’t Have To Go Home Tonight” b/w “Pyramids Of Pleasure”-- The Triplets: 1991 The former was written by D.Villegas, S. Villegas, V. Villegas, E. Lowen and D. Navarro. The latter is by D.Villegas, S. Villegas, V. Villegas and J. Myers. Also included here are 3 half-minute previews of songs from . . . Thicker Than Water: “Sunrise”, “So Hard” and “Light A Candle”. (Way to make good use of a cassingle gals!)

“Humpin’ Around” (Rap version) b/w “Excerpts From The Songs: ‘Two Can Play That Game’, ‘Get Away’ and ‘Good Enough’”--Bobby Brown: This tape goes back to 1992 and the tracks are from the then forthcoming Brown release Bobby. This definitely seems like something that belongs in the collection now but don’t ask why it was purchased back then.

“Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman?” b/w “Low Life”-- Bryan Adams: This dates back to 1995. (Not sure why this is in the collection. Any guess ventured would include some mention of getting laid though that’s for sure. Could be a lady gave it to your rascally writer as a reminder of some sort.)

There you go, loyal readers, what do you think? Do you remember any of these songs? If so, what are your memories of these tunes? Let your favorite record reviewer know if any of these oldies struck a chord with you!

My name is Phoenix and . . . that’s the bottom line.

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