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Retro reflective lens protect your eyes in a rebel way.

Above normal eye wear lens worn on the urban bike rider in the early afternoon on the sunny side distinguishes alternatives in traditions. This so special lens has been on and off of the market for the past decade. Wonder no more. The possibilities in variety, vary from high end and street. Today there are so many different types to chose from to correspond with your preference frame its amazing, the array. Mirror lens come in pink, water, ice, fire etc.. Choose the lens color that look the best on you, or easily select you favorite color to be shamelessly starred at by others who can't do it like you. Your vision will be set, you will no longer feel boring with the choice of transparencies, some brands have the nerve to still call “hater-blockers”. Assortment of randomness could most likely reveal your chakras if you believe in crystal healing. Clearly stated, color sunglass lens is for the visionary with ideas to mirror and reflect. Respectively in style, the fashion of your eye ware matters. There are alternatives to the tradition of the usual tint. Get hue, get retro. Start Shopping. Best Wishes.

Cruiser Lens
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