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Retro Look: Folklore

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Folklore, or FolkSoul: Lost Legend in Japan, was one of the first of the Playstation 3 exclusive titles back in the third quarter in 2007, and it was a title that is still sadly overlooked as far as action/adventure RPGs go.  Developed by Game Republic and published by Sony Computer Entertainment, Folklore centers around two playable characters, Ellen, the young woman who is searching for her mother, and Keats, a skeptical journalist for an occult magazine searching for a mystery.  Both of their trails lead to Doolin Village, a quaint little town off the coast of Ireland and a port to the Folk-infested Netherworld.  Players can go back and forth between the two characters, and while the paths they take may be similar, the story and game play, as well as the attainable Folk, differentiates between the two.  Ellen’s Folk accommodate for range and a more defensive strategy, whereas Keats prefers a more physical and will have more assault-heavy arsenal to work with.  Folklore also utilizes the Playstation 3’s SIXAXIS controls to capture Folk in many ways, most of which include flicking back the controller to ‘reel’ the Folk’s Id (Soul) in.  After capturing them, the player then utilizes the Folk in combat, and each Folk unique in its own attributes, strengths and weaknesses.  The story is what most would expect out of the genre, as it is deep and compelling, and each level brings gamers further in.  With its stunning graphics and compelling story, not to mention immersive game play, it is hard to think that this game is often neglected or overlooked, but cannot be forgotten to those that inserted the game into their Playstation 3.

Game Stop Locations: College Drive, (225) 234-7703 / Mall of Louisiana, (225) 761-4177 / Seigen Lane, (225) 295-0669

GameWare Locations: Mall of Louisiana, (225) 769-1413 / College Drive, (225) 927-9411




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