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There are many shops on Etsy that feature vintage items, but one shop in particular is called ANGRY BUTTERFLY, where you will find dated clothing, accessories, and even artwork. This shop is owned by the same person who owns Miss Ruby Cube (an Etsy store that features handmade items like jewelry boxes, hair barettes, and decoupaged pieces. These shops are owned by Misty Green who resides in Cobleskill and spends her days either working with crafts or browsing for little things that will catch her eye.

1964 Minstrel Print by Eden

As the world progresses in advanced technology, Misty finds herself being pulled to older things. She always tries to provide her customers with a happy transaction with the idea of finding pieces in almost perfect condition. Everything is twenty years or older, as that is part of the guidelines provided by Etsy for vintage product. However, if she doesn't know the true age of something, she will do the research to find when it may have been originally produced, that way you're never being lied to, either.

"It's like treasure hunting for grown-up's." -- Misty Green

She's always been described as an 'old soul' and so inspiration doesn't exactly seem to hit her as natural instinct sinks in when she's browsing. She also doesn't pick up the first thing she sees when she's out looking around, as sometimes it takes hours for anything to really catch her eye. With 100% positive reviews for over 100 sales, she's definitely been offering quality items at great prices!

Sometimes she finds things that she'd like to keep, such as picture frames or buttons. She's even got a closet full of old clothing! Sometimes she'll alter an item just a bit to her liking, but if it's been altered and she plans to sell it, you'd probably find that in Miss Ruby Cube.

How did Misty get her start with selling vintage? She had gone into a store near where she lives that sold vintage items and she loved it, but she didn't find the atmosphere very welcoming. She felt the prices were too expensive and the sales associates were rude. She knew that was exactly what she didn't want, but that she did want to get her feet on the ground selling vintage. She found that she didn't have to have a physical shop, rather she could sell straight through Etsy, and she's been doing that since spring of 2008 when she first opened ANGRY BUTTERFLY on Etsy. She tries to add a few new items a week, so she advises that you check back often, as things are always being taken off of her virtual shelves and replaced with another item.

"There are so many wonderful old things out there and how neat is it to own something that is virtually one of a kind!" -- Misty Green

And don't forget to check out the slideshow at the top left of the article to see some of the vintage products available in her shop! If you enjoyed reading about ANGRY BUTTERFLY, you might like to know a little more about Miss Ruby Cube, too, which you can do by clicking here.

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