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Retreats for families touched by adoption, trauma and attachment held nationwide

2014 Orlando retreat for moms of children with trauma and attachment struggles
2014 Orlando retreat for moms of children with trauma and attachment struggles
Stephanie Cuddie

Parenting children with special needs is a hard, frustrating, lonely, exhausting path. The journey is even more difficult when the children have invisible special needs, which is the case with many children suffering from difficulties due to early childhood trauma and attachment disorder.

The nonprofit group Beyond Trauma and Attachment (BeTA) is here to help. In addition to an annual weekend retreat for mothers in Orlando, they are hosting additional gatherings around the country.

August 22 - 24

Elysburg, PA

Knoebels Amusement Park

Camping and fun for families.

September 19 - 22

Kingston, Ontario

Moms only

September 19 - 22

Elijay, Georgia

Dads only retreat

October 10 - 12

North Texas

Camping for families

In addition to the Orlando retreat for moms (February 20 - 23, 2015), BeTA is adding a weekend on the west coast. It will be held in Estes Park, Colorado December 5 - 8, 2014.

The events offer support, resources and education. They also offer the opportunity to be with others who understand and a much needed chance to rest.

Member Paula Keck Moore explains why the support group for moms is so important, "Yesterday .several of us were in contact with a lady that has recently signed up for her first Orlando retreat. The night before, her teenage son had raged. He broke property and was physical with some of the family members. She was working on a safety plan to keep the other children safe. She mentioned that she always suffered in silence and never discussed what her home life was like. She was beyond amazed that we were not judging her; and that each of us understood all too well what she was describing. She cried as she told us how relieved she was to discover she wasn't alone; and that she now has friends to listen, offer suggestions and to walk this path of raising trauma children with her. This is what BeTA does. This is what you too can have! We have reached out and helped a fellow trauma momma, started building friendships and offered support long before the retreat even starts in February of 2015."

The group also offers a website filled with resources and private Facebook support groups. Find out more information about the retreats , gatherings and support a

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