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Retractable Leash : Say NO

Ban the Retractable Leash
Ban the Retractable Leash

Do you own a Retractable leash aka Flexi-leash (not the brand itself) the concept

If you do, please walk over to it right now and throw it in the trash for everyone’s well being

Retractable leashes are a danger, a threat, a weapon.

They are deadly! I am not exaggerating

I originally bought into the concept of the retractable leash, I admit. The concept was sort of a “freeing” experience.

I thought allowing my dogs more distance would be a perk for them and looking back I was probably thinking how it could save me some foot work.

I found the unit to be very difficult to maneuver I could not remember which button did what and just felt “out of control” especially when we would meet up with another dog, nothing but tangle chaos and trying to reel them in fast enough was just not happening.

If the above was not enough for me to say “when”, one day while walking the Jack Russell, I dropped the leash, OMG you would have thought an alien had arrived and was chasing my dog. The noise scared her so much and off she ran, you could not get her to stop as the fear just kept her in a forward motion and this thing would not stop following her.

That was it for me!

This is not freedom, this is not safe, and this is not a good idea in any form.

Since that day many years ago when I gave up the Retractable, so much news surrounds these weapons.

Dog fights that cannot be stopped

Coyote attacks as the dog is to far away for you to help them

Lost dogs from the dropping of the unit and the running

Dead dogs from all of the above

Human injuries: the cord is like a knife and can do a lot of damage

If you need convincing, I do not have enough space or room for disturbing reports or pictures of the potential harmful end results. I f you do not agree with me, just do a Google search on the detrimental outcomes from a retractable-leash, the stories and photo’s will shock you

There is not one thing positive about this mechanism no matter what you may think

What is that draws you to owning one

“20 feet of extra freedom for your dog”

I know you did not buy it because it was attractive, or easy to use, in fact just the opposite. They are very difficult to maneuver, not comfortable to hold and certainly not attractive.

So I am guessing you bought one because you were thinking, like I did, wow my dog could run farther, get more exercise and I can just stand in one place and observe. That’s the ticket!

But at a big ticket price to pay, when things go wrong.

No one can control nor protect a dog 20 feet away

  • What do you do when another dog off leash or another retractable-leash offender comes running toward your dog? Umm, try to figure out which button to use to pull him/her in…too late, you cannot do it fast enough and guess what “attack”, injury, sometimes death.

How about a coyote that comes from nowhere? Same scenario not a happy ending.

Your job is to have a well trained dog by your side, protect them at all cost and allow them to also protect you. This type of leash will never allow that to happen.

Was it worth the 20 feet of freedom if the above scenario happens?

  • You cannot protect others with a deadly wire stretching out 20 feet. The wire is like a sharp knife. Someone running, riding a bike, playing in the park does not see it or cannot avoid it and guess what: Injuries happen. There are so many photos on line that show the tragedy and range of injuries from this deadly wire and guess who is to blame. YOU!

Was it worth the 20 feet of freedom if the above scenario happens?

  • Loss of your pet. Every single day there are postings of people who have lost their dog due to dropping the leash. Unlike other leashes when the holder hits the ground and comes rushing toward the dog, it frightens the dog and they keep running trying to get away from this “demon”. Many are gone forever or run out into the middle of the street out of fear and find their death

Was it worth the 20 feet of freedom if the above scenario happens?

  • Malfunctions are recorded in the thousands of the mechanism inside the holder breaking, so they are completely untrustworthy usually at a time when you need it the most.

No good endings!

No matter how responsible you think you are, freedom is not what a dog needs especially with an object that you cannot trust. Have you ever truly seen someone use this thing responsibly, I doubt it. They were not made to manipulate easily or quickly

Your dog is simply just not safe, they are a danger to the dog, the owner and others

Please just say NO, spread the word and as animal lovers get these weapons off the street.

Ban the retractable leash far and wide

Right before I finished this little blurb, I went out to walk my dog, surprise:

Elevator opens, as I begin to walk out, a dog on a retractable leash comes running at my dog from the other side of the lobby, I scooped my dog up at the very second this aggressive dog leaped on me. Not enough, then I get outside another little dog came up to greet my dog, again retractable leash and in seconds they were wound all around each other with this wire around the neck of the other dog.

Come on animal lovers, love your animals, protect them spread the world

Get rid of these


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