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Retirement of the Listings column

Since the start of this column a little over a year ago, I've been providing the Listings column every week - a place to see all of the local events in polyamory, swing, kink, sexual education, and sacred sexuality in one place. I made sure that if I published nothing else that week, that the listings article would go up.

After some consideration, I have decided that this space will be better served by more interviews, philosophical articles, and otherwise thought-provoking material, and there is only time enough in a week to do so many things.

I do hope that this doesn't prove too great a loss of resource to the community; somehow I get the sense that you are all resourceful. I am also still happy to announce, on an individual basis, any relevant events that you care to alert me to; email me to do so.

For your reference, below are the sources from which I cull the listings; bookmark them and check them out individually according to your interests!

Polyamory Resources

Poly Boston. This is the loosely organized umbrella group for poly people in the Boston area.

Family Tree. The original poly organization in New England, this group tends to be older and to focus more on poly families and alternative living.

Swing Resources

New England Couples. A group that organizes swing parties in the greater Boston area, mainly north.

Choice Social Club. A private club in Rhode Island that holds variously themed sex parties weekly and occasional classes. Mainly heterosexual and focused on gender balance, but occasionally encouraging and making space for same-sex interaction.

Kink Resources

New England Leather Association (NELA)
. The hosts of the twice-yearly Fetish Fair Fleamarket, this organization also regularly hosts classes, munches, and other events for a bevy of special interest groups.

New England Dungeon Society (NEDS)
. Formerly Boston Dungeon Society, this older organization also runs classes and other events for kinksters.

Boston TNG (The Next Generation). This is a kink-focused group limited to people from ages 18-35 only, formed in the interests of having a space dedicated to the specific concerns of young people in the kinky community.

Education/Sexuality Resources

Good Vibrations. This woman-owned sex shop in Brookline is a good resource in its own right, and also regularly holds classes with nationally-known sex educators in everything from how to give great fellatio to how to tie up your partner to how to communicate better about sex.

Boston Area Sexuality and Spirituality Network (BASSN)
. Largely inactive now, its leader Linda Marks still holds relevant events sometimes; her site is here.

Human Awareness Institute (HAI). HAI is a nationwide group that holds regular workshops on love and intimacy. They periodically offer free introductory evenings in the Greater Boston Area.

I hope that this list will offer you a good sense of the resources available in the area, and thanks for reading each week. I'll be back soon with more thoughts on open relationships, in the Boston area and in general!


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