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Retired Tampa cop returns as cupid on Valentine's Day

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Although he served as a Tampa policeman for many years, and has since retired from public service, retired Tampa police Corporal Chuck Blount returns every Valentine's Day to continue his customary rose provision to each female Tampa police dispatcher.

Retired four years ago, Blount continues the practice he started 20 years ago.

On every Valentine's Day, Blount arrives in the Tampa Police Department's communications center to provide each female dispatcher a fresh rose. The gesture is based on Blount's respect for what police dispatchers do and, on a day predicated on showing loving gestures, accords those on-duty with a heartwarming token: a vibrantly fresh rose.

Not only is Corporal Blount extending his cupid-based gratitude to Tampa's finest police dispatchers, he also affords a rose to each female fire/rescue dispatcher. Knowing full-well the arduous challenges these public safety communicators face daily, Blount's caring gesture is received as it was intended: Respectfully.

While on duty in 2006 and leading a newly-established squad of Tampa cops designated to combat auto theft, Corporal Blount spotted a stolen vehicle. With his squad officers, the auto theft group boxed in the stolen vehicle in efforts to effect arrest of the driver. The driver had different designs and attempted to maneuver out of the boxed-in position, according to a Tampa press release describing the incident.

Fearing for his life, Corporal Blount opened fire and struck the auto theft suspect in the shoulder. Ultimately, the suspect was arrested and transported first to a local hospital, thereafter to county jail.

Rest assured, Corporal Blount remains grateful for the Tampa police dispatchers on-duty that night, each of whom were lifelines to facilitate help as he faced certain peril.

One can surmise that the Valentine's Day roses provided by Blount come with additional accolades, other than the cupid-oriented gesture with which he presents the female police and fire/rescue dispatchers.


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