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Retired 'Return of the Jedi' Jabba the Hutt puppeteer excited for 'Star Wars 7'

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According to Mirror on Friday, puppet master Tony Philpott is looking forward to "Star Wars 7" and the future film sequels. The stories take place some time after Philpott's employment during his stint on "Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi". Although he isn't being brought out of retirement under the employ of Kathleen Kennedy, he says he can't wait for these films.

Philpott has currently retired at the age of 67 from his employment at the Cardiff Central Library, but he does recall good times playing puppeteer to the highly complex series of mechanics entailing the Jabba the Hutt's construct. Now that he's living a life of leisure, Philpott can sit back and enjoy the next installment of Disney films.

He still gets fan mail as well being that he was in control of the alien's left arm, head, and mouth. Philpott even expressed the liberties that come with being evil.

"When someone says you can be as bad as you like it gives you real freedom".

He joined David Barclay as they both operated the Hutt construct and it proved to be not so appealing to be inside an uncomfortable beast. It is also noticed that Philpott originally trained under "The Dark Crystal's" Jim Henson. With such training, it seems that he could endure most strenous of puppeteer-like conditions. For one, Barclay and Philpott would spend all day between 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. in the shell of the beast with only taking lunch and coffee breaks as they sat in stools housed inside the entire time. They had no earthly idea beyond a grainy CCTV camera monitor mounted inside.

One rather disgusting scene that was described is how while inside, he described a scene he was suppose to play out when maneuvering Jabba's tongue. The saliva, which was a contrived concoction broomed upon the tongue. All he remember was being instructed to extend the tongue out further to "wag" it at Carrie Fisher in the Jabba palace scene. He didn't revisit that scene with her nor brought it up, but turns out he found it he "licked" her in the ear.