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Retired military officer reveals government's plans for martial law in 2015

Sgt. Major Dan Page spoke to the St. Louis Oathkeepers April 21 to deliver a sobering message about 2015. He is a retired veteran of every war since VietNam and his high security clearance affords him access to top secret information at all levels.

Retired Sgt. Major Dan Page
Retired Sgt. Major Dan Page
Ten regions into which the world will be divided Photo:
Ten regions into which the world will be divided Photo:
Ten regions into which the world will be divided Photo:

Page began his talk with a partial reading of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States, often referring to the Constitution as our "birth certificate."

"We," he began, "it says 'we' ladies and gentlemen. It means 'us,' the American people—not some bumbleheads in Washington DC. It's 'us,' not 'them'!"

Page continued:

But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same
object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security.

"This is from the founding of our country," Page said. "This is our birth certificate and we're letting it slip right through our fingers."

He added, "We are in very, very deep trouble—very deep trouble."

According to this "birth certificate," Page stated, the president is not the commander in chief until war is declared. War has not been declared since War World II.

The federal government has no business comin' in here tellin' us what to do, unless it specifically is given to them by this [holding up the Constitution]. I just read it to ya'. If it's not in here, they can’t do it. They have no right sending our young sons all over the world, 'cuz he's not the commander in chief. Congress commands the military. Congress does it, not the president, 'cuz there's no declaring war.

He continued reading: "The president shall be commander in chief of the army and navy."

"Notice," Page said, "it doesn't talk about the marines and the air force. There's a reason for that.

"The United States and the militia of the several states, when, 'comma,' when called into actual service."

"So if they're not in service who's he commanding?"

Page explained the requirements for the existence of a "sovereign nation" under international law. It must have a sovereign flag; it must be able to prosecute a country for treason; it must have a commonly-dressed military with a bona fide uniform.

Thus, all 50 states are sovereign nations and can try someone for treason under the Uniform Military Code of Justice, just like the militia. "So it's very valid," Page said.
It is the Tenth Amendment that makes the states sovereign from the federal government.

Page went on to explain the difference between the called out militia and the non-called-out militia. Only two people can call out the militia: the governor and the sheriff of the county, two of the most powerful positions. The National Guard, he stated, is not the militia.

No, they are not. They haven't been the militia That's why it's called "national." The militia is made up of every able-bodied man 18 to 65 in a county. It ain't them people out there in Washington DC; it's here.

Page held up a copy of a new proposed constitution ordered by George Bush. The draft he held up was only one of eight drafts that are currently in existence.

"The new constitution is all ready to go," Page said. "They only need the right incident to bring that down and they're working on that right now. We're not very far away from an event that's gonna bring what you call martial law. That term will never be used, by the way. "Emergency Police Powers" will be."

Page referred to an April 21 copy of USA Today.

"Did anybody read USA today, this little homosexual sodomite right here? Incidentally, there are four sodomites on the Supreme Court."

The headline to which he refers read: "Former justice Stevens wants to change Constitution."(1)

According to the USA Today article, Stevens focused on six suggested changes:

  • Changing the Second Amendment to make clear that only a state's militia, not its citizens, has a constitutional right to bear arms
  • Changing the Eighth Amendment's prohibition against "cruel and unusual punishments" by specifically including the death penalty
  • Removing from First Amendment protection any "reasonable limits" on campaign spending enacted by Congress or the states
  • Requiring that congressional and state legislative districts be "compact and composed of contiguous territory" to stop both parties from carving out safe seats
  • Eliminating states' sovereign immunity from liability for violating the Constitution or an act of Congress, which he calls a "manifest injustice"
  • Allowing Congress to require states to perform federal duties in emergencies, in order to reduce "the risk of a national catastrophe"

"We are in great, great peril. Page warned."

Page exhibited a slide that he said would never be seen anywhere in the world. (See cover photo or slideshow.) It was taken with his phone during a meeting with the secretary of the army and Hillary Clinton. "This is what the world's gonna start to look like by 2015," Page said. "How far is that away? It's not very far, is it?"

Again, he warned the audience to be prepared.

I snapped that with a little camera. I was in that office that you see the secretary of the army. He said in 2015, events are gonna start happening that's gonna transform us into this.

That's true stuff. This is gonna happen; it cannot be stopped. It's not gonna stop, until you get in touch with your state legislators and get up on their backsides. You gotta start teaching your children. You need to get that five- and six-year-old and teach 'em the birth certificate, and you need to start pounding it into 'em.

By 2020," Page said, "this will be in effect."

Counties are being erased and police departments are merging into one. "You gotta make your mind up to man up or get out! Lead, follow, or move! This is serious business. There's gonna be a lot of blood, folks," Page said.

Page mentioned Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's " (3) "Gulag Archipelago." (4) In his book, Solzhenitsyn describes "educational barriers" instead of schools, "for diversity."

This is no longer fiction.

You are about to see a proposal, probably in the next four or five years, where they are going to build barriers—educational campgrounds for kids and everybody's gonna turn it over to 'em.

The children in Solzhenitsyn's book are allowed to come home one weekend a month in the beginning. Then it stretches to every six months, and then once a year. As the children become increasingly indoctrinated, they begin spying on their parents.

Two of the parents in "Gulag Archipelago" ended up in the gulag in Siberia.

That's where you all gonna go if you don't start talking to your childen! Get away from the stupid TV and the ballgames! The house is burning down!
You don't have time, ladies and gentlemen—2015! Everything up to this is coming down. It's falling down all around you. But yet, grown men will stand for hours and spend hundreds of dollars on grown men playing a child's game. I guess they like lookin' at men in tight pants. I don't know.
But the day is gonna come when grown men are going to cry and wish they were never born, because they didn't spend time with their daughters; they didn't spend time with their sons.

There are three battles in Armageddon. First, Russia invades Israel and is defeated.

"And thou shalt go up and come like a storm, and like a cloud to cover the land, thou and all thy bands and many people with thee. Thus saith the Lord God: In that day projects shall enter into thy heart, and thou shalt conceive a mischievous design." (5)

"And say to him: Thus saith the Lord God: Behold, I come against thee, O Gog, the chief prince of Mosoch and Thubal. And I will turn thee about, and I will put a bit in thy jaws: and I will bring thee forth, and all thy army, horses and horsemen all clothed with coats of mail, a great multitude, armed with spears and shields and swords. (6)

And finally: "And thou shalt come out of thy place from the northern parts, thou and many people with thee, all of them riding upon horses, a great company and a mighty army." (7)

"Something you may not know about it is all the wild horses in the American woods for the past ten years have been shipped over there [to Russia]," Page said.

The second battle is with the king of the east: China.

"Thus saith the Lord of hosts: Behold I will save my people from the land of the east, and from the land of the going down of the sun." (8)

According to Page, the U.S. military built a road that runs from China to the Euphrates. It was completed May 10, 2013 and is composed of two feet of asphalt and a foot of concrete underneath. Page asked the audience why they thought such a heavily reinforced road was necessary. "Heavy equipment," he said.

The road is open only for commercial and military use. The area is void of houses or buildings; power lines are not turned on "until the Chinese throw the switch."

This road that I'm going to show you starts in China and ends at the mouth of the Euphrates river in Faraq. Do you know what this means? Are you seeing where I'm going with this? Do you understand the significance of this?

That's where the army's going to come from, that's going to invade Israel for the second battle. The final battle is when the Lord himself comes back and kills everybody. That's how close this is.

"And the sixth angel poured out his vial upon that great river Euphrates; and dried up the water thereof, that a way might be prepared for the kings from the rising of the sun." (9)

It is said that the Euphrates will dry up to enable China to pass through. The Euphrates is, in fact, drying up.(10)

The third battle of Armageddon, of course, is the return of Christ.

And his feet shall stand in that day upon the mount of Olives, which is over against Jerusalem toward the east: and the mount of Olives shall be divided in the midst thereof to the east, and to the west with a very great opening, and half of the mountain shall be separated to the north, and half thereof to the south. (11)

Page talked about three phases of society: persecution, prosecution, and execution.

Persecution: No one can deny that Christians are being persecuted. The threats made to U.S. citizens is nothing compared to the beheadings and crucifixions in Egypt and other parts of the Middle East. Christian persecution in America is subtle (so far); those who take a stand against abortion and sodomy are called terrorists.

Prosecution: In New Mexico a couple was arrested because they refused to take pictures of sodomites. The Internet is chock full of stories of Christians being arrested—street preachers, families holding bible studies in their homes, you name it. The Obama administration no longer has any fear of reprisal and blatantly goes after Christians as if this was ancient Rome.

"In the military right now you have open sodomy, people holding hands, swapping spit together. It's sick; it's pitiful."

Execution: The final phase is execution.
"And behold a pale horse, and he that sat upon him, his name was Death, and hell followed him." (12)

The "pale" horse in Revelations 6 is actually a shade of green (13) when translated from the Greek. Page (and others) compare this green to the color of Islam.

Does it not say whoever refuses to take the mark will be beheaded? Is that not true? Do you know how the Muslims take care of you? They cut your head off. Obama is allowing hundreds of thousands of them to come in every week. The only passive Muslim is a Sufi, until they get around a more dominant Muslim. Then they will kill you.
Muslims are passive until they gain parody with you or they exceed you in numbers—and they will kill you.

REX 84
FEMA and other various legislation (14) passed by Clinton, Bush and Obama pretty much gives the government the right to do to us whatever it pleases.

This is not a joke, ladies and gentlemen. This is not a joke. I personally, and many people that I worked with —very, very close people that I know—expect an imminent collapse of the United States. Imminent. I don't know when it will come but it's gonna come. It will come. It may be one major event, it may be a series of events, but it's gonna happen.

Question from the audience: "Are they mixing all the armies and bringing in the Russians?

"Yes, they are."

"To kill us?"

"Yes, they are."

According to Page, the government is bringing one thousand Spetsnaz (15) a week into the country. There are 18 thousand at Fort Leonard Wood, 25 thousand at Fort Carson, and 14 hundred at Fort Polk.

"They will kill you. They will kill you," Page said.

The government's modus operandi is as follows:

  • Emphasis by the media on an international event
  • People accused of racism or something similar, media will jump all over it. [Cliven Bundy (16) ] "They're gonna start pounding on that; they want your attention over here."
  • People getting arrested for domestic terrorism
  • EBT cards shut down, ATM machines inoperable to cause riots
  • "Contractors" brought in to quell riots

Contractors are gonna come in; they're gonna kill ya. You'll start seeing that person sitting next to you a few years from now will not be sitting there, because they'll be gone. 'Cuz somebody like me's gonna come in and kill you. For all you wannabes who think you’re the baddest thing in the world. I got news for you; you're gonna meet bad.

Page said, "Stick to the basics. You don't need the most expensive gun—don't need all that. You just need the one that you'll train with, one that works, one that you'll use. That's all you need."

Who will be their initial targets? Page said it will be the states that want to secede from the United States. (Remember, Obama said he will punish his enemies and reward his friends.)

The U.S. government has a page on its website called "We the People." (17) Don't know where they came up with that phrase 'cuz obviously, none of them ever read the constitution. The subtitle is—now don't laugh—"Your Voice in Our Government."

Is that "our" meaning the people's government, or "our" meaning Obama's government?

So people are hopping on there like bunny rabbits. The government is so nice! If you file a petition, they send you a 5 ft. x 5 ft. big, red "X" to put on your roof, and promise to come see you right after they go visit the secession petitioners!

It is difficult to determine which is the most ludicrous: the fact that these people actually think there are those stupid enough to fall for this "stuff," or the fact that there ARE those stupid enough to fall for this stuff.


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