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Retired Marine says he protected Mars colonies from Martians

Captain Kaye faces off with a Martian?
Captain Kaye faces off with a Martian?

Captain Kaye, who says he served in the Earth Defense Force, was an infantryman who put the “Mars” in “marines.” He claims to have spent 17 years protecting Earth colonies from indigenous lifeforms on the red planet. Since returning from his out of this world experience, he has given interviews to ExoNews TV, a group that has tasked itself with bringing us the latest news from humanity’s secret off world operations.

Apparently, the US, Russia, China and possibly a few other nations have set up an organization to colonize Mars, the moon and other parts of our solar system, even though we can’t even agree on how to handle things here.

He says he retired after 20 years of service in the Marines, in a ceremony on the moon that included such luminaries as Donald Rumsfeld and other high ranking Earth officials. He has, however, not provided any hard evidence, probably because of some conspiracy or something and not because the poor guy is missing a few buttons.

There are apparently two different intelligent species on Mars, both of which are highly territorial, meaning they are probably familiar with humanity’s colonization history. One species is insectoid in appearance, the other reptilian.

Not only that, but Captain Kaye says he was actually trained as a child super soldier in preparation for his service. He was a pilot with a secret space fleet, learning how to fly six different types of craft, three bombers and three fighters, which operate on nuclear and magnetic power. In 2004, he says he was involved in a battle on Mars that wiped out a large portion of his division.

He says he not only fought on Mars, but surveilled many other extraterrestrial vehicles that passed through our solar system, sometimes engaging them in order to protect Earth. Not only that, but he was de-aged to a child and lived a second life at some point.

Either that, or the poor guy is off his nut. Hopefully a video game company hires him as a writer soon, because this all sounds awesome.

You can get the full interview here.

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