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Retired General calls left-wing claim he supports military coup 'false'

Gen. Paul E. Vallely
Gen. Paul E. Vallely
Fox News via Stand Up America

In a statement provided to Monday, retired Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely called claims he supports a military coup "false."

“Statements on the web and elsewhere that attribute me as supporting a coup are absolutely false," he said. "From the day I took my oath as a young Army lieutenant to this very day I have supported and defended the Constitution of the United States."

In late January, several liberal media outlets, including the George Soros-funded Think Progress, falsely claimed Gen. Vallely expressed support for a military coup while speaking to a Tea Party group.

“I had a call this afternoon from Idaho, the gentleman said, ‘If I give you 250,000 Marines to go to Washington, will you lead them?’” Vallely reportedly said. “I said, ‘Yes, I will, I’ll surround the White House and I’ll surround the Capitol building, but it’s going to take physical presence to do things.”

Think Progress and others twisted this statement to conclude that Gen. Vallely supports military action to remove the current administration.

“I don’t want to be criticized for starting a revolution,” Vallely reportedly told the group, “but I’d certainly head it if we had to. We all love a good fight if it’s worth it, right?”

Taken in context, it is clear Gen. Vallely is speaking of an electoral revolution with active, informed voters participating in lawful protests and political activity.

Gen. Vallely, who currently heads Stand Up America, has previously expressed support for a protest movement and the "forced resignation" of senior officials, including the president, vice-president, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.

But at no time has Gen. Vallely called for a military coup.

Nevertheless, far-left media outlets claimed that's exactly what the retired Army general wants.

"Tea Party leader, retired Army general and former Fox News contributor Paul Vallely in a recently published video told a Tea Party group that, if given the troops, he would lead a coup against the U.S. government," Think Progress said in an article written by an intern who apparently did not contact Gen. Vallely for additional comments.

"A retired Army general and Fox News analyst told a Tea Party group that he would lead a military coup against the U.S. government, if only reluctantly," said a post at the Raw Story.

"Fox News analyst and retired Army general Paul Vallely is sick and tired of writing letters to senators and congressmen and seeing no changes. He thinks it’s time for Tea Party activists to get up and protest. In fact, Vallely support (sic) a military coup to remove President Obama from office and, if necessary, he’d be willing to lead it," added the Daily Beast.

A post at the Right Wing Watch not only twisted Gen. Vallely's comments, but said Gen. Vallely "once discussed plans" to surround the White House and Capitol.

Gen. Vallely responded sharply to those who took his statement out of context.

"A coup is counter to the guiding principles laid out there. Disagreement and dissension are not! It’s time for change in America and I support that change – but only in a lawful, Constitutional manner,” he said..

This is not the first time Gen. Vallely has been targeted with false accusations.

A post at Stand Up America said the general, who served with distinction for 32 years, was accused of being a "Zionist," a Satanist and a supporter of the terror group al Qaeda by conspiracy theorists and so-called "patriots." Scott W. Winchell observed that Gen. Vallely and SUA staffers have been threatened with kidnapping and murder.

"Supporters of al Qaida are usually not threatened to be kidnapped and beheaded as has MG Vallely, and SUA staff," he wrote.

The blog said these attempts to do personal harm to Gen. Vallely's reputation have "crossed the border into slander, libel, and defamation of character."



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