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Retired Dentist Stan Rutner cured himself of cancer with marijuana oil

Recently there has been legislation introduced to make marijuana legal in Wisconsin. In April of 2014 voters will go to the polls in Dane County Wisconsin to vote on whether they think marijuana should be legal in Wisconsin.

Retired Dentist Stan Rutner and his wife Barb
Culture Magazine

Stan Rutger is a retired dentist in California. He was diagnosed with brain and lung cancer. Stan told his story on video which was posted on Youtube by Culture Magazine.

"Life expectancy was two, it was weeks. A couple weeks, four weeks max. You know you've got nothing to lose. You feel like you're in the dumper. Your body is in the dumper and somebody comes along with a magic potion. Capsules" said Rutger, retired California dentist and storage facilities owner.

Every day Rutger says he rubs the cannabis oil from his capsules on his joints and then takes a dropper full of the cannabis oil with his food.

"After a week of cannabis capsules the 24/7 oxygen supplement was in the closet and that was the last I've used it. It was immediate. You know, things were improved" Rutger stated. His wife Barb talked about how he could walk across the room better and his appetite increased in the video.

"There was an MRI this year that showed there was no cancer in the brain" said Rutger.

Rutger's wife added that he no longer has any symptoms of lung cancer either because he can go up and down stairs and is no longer out of breath.

Rutner's California dental license (#15284) was issued on January 1, 1959 by the state of California. He has not renewed his license since 2011 and the California dental board web site states he was living in Novato, California at that time. Rutger practiced dentistry at 900 Las Gallinas Ave Ste A Novato, CA 94949.

It appears that Stan Rutger still owns Ukiah Self Storage in Novato and enjoys golf.

Rutger wrote a review for Amazon on a book called Shanks for Nothing - "There was a problem with this book. My eyes were watering from laughing so hard that it was difficult to read. Absolutely a great read !! This is a must for every golfer on your gift list. It hits a hole in one in so many ways. Any one who has ever been on any team can relate to this book. Buy it !!"

Rutger may feel the same way about the capsules made from marijuana that made him healthy again. He is not saying "buy it" on the video. Rutger is just sharing his experience with a capsule containing cannabis.



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