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Retired Army officer: Nancy Pelosi 'dumb as a rock'

Retired Lt. Col. Ralph Peters calls Nancy Pelosi "dumb as a rock."
Retired Lt. Col. Ralph Peters calls Nancy Pelosi "dumb as a rock."
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During a recent appearance on Fox News' "Hannity," retired Army Lt. Col. Ralph Peters said House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., is "dumb as a rock," the Political Insider reported Monday. Worse yet, Col. Peters compared her comments on Hamas to those who marveled at Adolf Hitler's "humanitarian" policies prior to World War II.

"How could a former speaker of the House — our own government recognizes Hamas as a terrorist organization. How did she not read their own charter?" Hannity asked. "How does she not know the Qataris are the ones providing the money to buy the rockets that kill the Israelis? Does she not know these basic facts?”

"No, she doesn’t know the basic facts," Col Peters said. "She’s dumb as a rock and makes no effort to educate herself."

Peters was responding to comments Pelosi made in which she claimed the Qataris told her Hamas was a "humanitarian organization." He mocked her statement by sarcastically mentioning the Nazis.

“And the Nazis were wonderful humanitarians," he said in a mocking tone. "They ran great youth camps for blond-haired children. I mean, come on! At some point, you’ve got to recognize evil when evil is right in your face!”

Peters, however, wasn't finished. He also attacked the Qatari government for helping Hamas and mocked those in Washington he said are being exploited by Qatar.

“And evil — Hamas is evil," he added. "The Qataris are evil! But again, Sean, there’s this notion among Washington elites — and by the way, check out the Washington think tanks funded by the Qataris. There’s this notion that if we just — if we just make friends and chummy up and do the bidding of these Islamist states — and Qatar is about the worst right now — that somehow, everything will magically work out. They are exploiting us, and we’re too stupid to see it!”

It's not the first time Pelosi's mental state and intelligence has been questioned. Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin called her a "dingbat" and a perfect spokesperson for the radical left. Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., said the former House Speaker is "mind-numbingly stupid" and recommended professional help. Recently, actor James Woods said he believes Pelosi is "mentally ill" after she angrily chased a GOP representative across the floor of the House.

Pelosi only has herself to blame for these characterizations. In addition to claiming Hamas is a humanitarian group, she once said the right to keep and bear arms is in the First Amendment, scolded a reporter for saying "Obamacare" and claimed that raising the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour would create 85,000 jobs. These are just a tiny fraction of the unbelievable comments she has made in the last year or so. Perhaps her most infamous comment came during the debate over Obamacare, when she said lawmakers need to pass the bill to see what is in it.

Political Insider said that Peters "is exactly right." A post at TPNN asked its readers if they believe Pelosi has "lost her mind."

"Pelosi's bizarre body language and facial expressions indicate that there is something seriously wrong with her brain," one reader commented. In response, another reader commented: "Whats (sic) wrong is she lacks one."

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