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Rethinking Eggs, They're More Than Just Breakfast

Heating up day-old risotto is a serious treat. It’s just like day old soups and stews, always better the day after. But today’s batch needed a little something extra. Resisting temptation to throw in a fresh vegetable would have been the wrong and predictable move. Adding an over-easy egg was the right one.

An egg? On risotto? Yep. Sunny side up, right on top, with a soft runny yolk trickling down the Arborio rice – turning a standard recipe into a savory, rich entirely new one that can be applied to many leftovers. It all depends if you like eggs (most in this household are egg freaks), so adding an egg can completely recreate the end result of any recipe.

This is an overall reminder to be adventurous in the kitchen! Try more than sunny side up, take one that’s hard-boiled or poached and throw it into a salad. Maybe an egg on top of pasta or scrambled then placed in a tortilla for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Make your own delicious discovery!


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