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‘Rethink Food 100 Doctors Can’t Be Wrong’; the diet-disease relationship

Learn how a plant based diet can transform your health
Learn how a plant based diet can transform your health
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Did you know that now more than ever before Americans are being prescribed drugs to fight diseases that are brought on by what they’re eating? The root cause of these illnesses such as diabetes, cancer and Alzheimer’s can be linked back to the animal products within our diets. ‘Rethink Food 100 Doctors Can't Be Wrong’, a special book compiled by Shushana Castle and Amy-Lee Goodman, features over 100 doctors from around the world who have proven this theory along with a solution to living a healthier life today. The relationship between diet and disease has never been more profound.

Here's some staggering information. The rate of the most common form of diabetes has gone up 700% since World War II. With that being said, a new born baby now has a 1 in 3 chance of becoming diabetic in America. It turns out that meat and dairy products are not the foundation to good health and there is science to back this up. The ‘Rethink Food’ experts, stemming from Harvard, Princeton, Yale and Cornell, have joined forces to educate and empower the public on this fact. The good news is these diseases can be reversed or avoided all together by removing animal based products from our plates and replacing them with a whole food plant-based diet.

The writers of ‘Rethink Food 100 Doctores Can't Be Wrong’ were motivated to bring this truth to life after watching their own friends and family struggle with today’s most common diseases but then amazingly regain health within months of changing their diets. The connection between diet and disease has never been more evident. The truth is if you’re willing to ‘Rethink Food’ today, you have the power to change your health in the future.

‘Rethink Food; 100+ Doctors Can’t Be Wrong’ is organized into short easy to read articles. Each health and nutrition piece will educate you on the latest expert advice organized by topics such as diseases being the new normal, the problems with the medical system, women’s issues, men’s issues, digestive disorders and dealing with cancer. The book concludes with hope for the future and how everyone can take steps to positively change their lives.

No matter where you stand personally with your health and diet today, ‘Rethink Food’ is a book for all. It’s a reference of factual information that explains how to prevent disease, reverse symptoms you might already be experiencing and understand how eating more plants and whole foods can completely change your life. Consider making this book a staple in your kitchen and start taking small steps toward great health; get inspired to 'Rethink Food' today.

Learn more about ‘Rethink Food; 100+ Doctors Can’t Be Wrong’ here.

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