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Retailers try to outsmart your smarts: Don’t give in to impulse purchases

Retailers have a whole team of people that are just aching to get to you. They plan and develop new strategies daily that will lure you into impulse buying. Many retailers actually count on your low will power with their new, exciting, appealing and visually attractive displays and placement of quick sale items.

Impulse shopping can be avoided!

Stores have determined that roughly ninety percent of people know what they want and need to purchase before entering the store. Then again around sixty percent of all shoppers do their shopping when items are on sale. The other ten percent are prone to buy on impulse.

Don’t let them turn you into a mouse stuck in their trap!

Ever walk into a store and stop near the door and just take a look around. If you really look the layout is set just like a trap. It is a maze that seems to give a consumer the feeling that there is one way in and one way out. With that sort of setup retailers have a hold on you. This placement of racks and shelves so that you basically have to browse the entire store before being able to find the exit wasn’t done by accident. This is their way of keeping shoppers in the stores longer hoping that the longer they are there the more they will put in their baskets or over their arms before heading to the checkout counter.

Avoid shopper’s remorse when you get home with unnecessary extra items regardless of the sale cost!

People tend to spend roughly twenty dollars they didn’t intend to over their shopping budget on impulse purchases. Stick to a smaller basket if you are only shopping for a few items. It is a proven fact that retailers hope you will grab a carriage or cart instead of a basket giving you more space to toss in additional items that weren’t on your list.

Tips to avoid impulse buying:

  • Know what you need to purchase and beeline to those items only and head out the door.
  • Bring a shopping list and stick to it.
  • Ignore the racks, items and presentation displays around the checkout line.
  • Never shop while hungry.
  • Don’t allow yourself a threshold amount just in case you have an impulse to be drawn into a retailers’ sales technique.
  • If you list is short grab a basket and not a shopping cart.

It may not be easy being frugal and sticking to your guns, retailers may not appreciate it but your purse strings will love you when you do!

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