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Retail's all out blitz: Super Bowl 7, Valentine's Day 14

Chicago Bears football on sale at Jewel
End of season sale at Jewel, regularly $17.99 (Photo by Mari Baskin)

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Super Bowl XLIV lost big against Valentine’s Day in retail’s all out blitz.

Chicagoland’s advance retail hype of Super Bowl XLIV was downright understated. No need to offend the mourning Chicago Bears fans with big, bold retail displays. Any veteran of NFL entertainment knows where to find football friendly refreshments in the aisles of their neighborhood food and beverage emporiums. (And if the paper goods ain’t printed with da Bears logo juxtaposed against big Roman numerals, any ol’ napkin and plate will do, right?)

Statistically, the Super Bowl influences purchases of big screen TVs, too. Would any Bears fan who had hesitated to get theirs earlier in the season be motivated by a big, bold Super Bowl campaign to buy a new TV? Identification, i.e. being able to picture yourself as someone else, is a key tactic in consumer advertising. This season's Bears fans cannot mentally metamorphose into the smiling likenesses of fictional football fans.

Could the recession drive one big box retailer to go one step further? Target, which takes pride in launching cutting edge advertising campaigns, combined its in-store signage for Super Bowl XLIV with Valentine’s Day, a convenient cost-saving duopoly.

Perhaps a sign of the recession, too, is the football in play throughout the stores’ displays: it is not a pro ball, but rather a college football. NFL balls do not have stripes, clearly a fumble by Target’s point-of-sale graphics team.

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