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Resuscitator / Sacriphyx split LP now available

Die hard version of the LP
Die hard version of the LP
Nuclear War Now! Productions

Nuclear War Now! Productions has just announced the release of a split LP containing material from both Los Angeles' own Resuscitator and Australia's Sacriphyx. Resuscitator play a style of melancholy death / black metal with hints of doom, while Sacriphyx, a more recent project, hark to the Hellenic stylings of Varathron, but with the war themes characteristic of Australian death and black metal. Both bands' styles converge on a point, hence their sharing an LP.

The Resuscitator material featured on this LP was recorded in 1994, the same year the band released their debut Iniciation, and has remained unreleased until now.

As with many NWN! releases, there is a normal release and a "die hard" version, which in this case features clear vinyl and comes with two patches (one for each band). Click here to purchase the normal version for $13, or go here for the $18 die hard edition.

Click here to hear a classic Resuscitator track titled "Servants of the Darkest Throne."


  • Jim Necroslaughter 4 years ago

    have you had a chance to listen to this yet? Does Sacriphyx hold up their "end of the donker?"

  • Zach 4 years ago

    I didn't listen yet, no. Sacriphyx is good B grade stuff (only listened once though).

  • Mudguts 4 years ago

    Sacriphyx is A grade brilliance! in the vein of brilliant donker supporting A grade digger metal of death

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