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‘Resurrection’: Will there be a season 2 for the ABC show?

‘Resurrection’: Will there be a season 2 for the ABC show?
Photo by Valerie Macon

Resurrection’ is a relatively new show on ABC. The series has only aired 7 out of its 8 episodes so far but it has already established a good-sized following, according to The Epoch Times on April 27. Industry experts are weighing in on whether or not the show will be cancelled or renewed.

There has been no official word from the network on whether or not they plan to renew the series. ABC has not officially renewed any of their shows yet, including the wildly popular ones like “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Scandal.” Still, the consensus among industry watchers is that the series about people returning unexpectedly from the dead will be picked for a second season.

Epoch Times cited a report by TV Wise saying the renewal of “Resurrection” is “considered a lock.” They also cited Zap 2 It as saying the show is “certain to be renewed.”

The show came on strong in terms of the number of viewers it had for its premiere. A healthy 13.9 million people tuned in to the first episode. Ratings have fallen off since then but it doing very well for so few shows being aired and such a short season. In recent weeks, the show has averaged about 8 million viewers.

Viewership also tends to pick up as a series reaches its season finale. “Resurrection” has only one more episode to go. ABC is actively promoting the finale which suggests the show has not already been quietly cancelled.

The finale will air on Sunday, May 4. The focus will be the waves of newly returned dead people coming back to Arcadia and the chaos that causes. Here is the synopsis for the episode:

“The town of Arcadia is in a state of chaos when the return of the deceased reaches a critical mass. Bellamy has no other choice than to ask for outside aid which backfires when Sheriff Fred steps in with his own agenda, triggering a siege on the town that no one saw coming.”

Perhaps if the finale performs well, fans will get the news they are hoping for. A second season would give the writers a chance to further develop the reason behind the returned people and we hope they get that chance.

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