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'Resurrection': Will ABC choose to revive the series?

The season finale of ABC's freshman supernatural drama "Resurrection" aired Sunday, May 4, 2014. Though the series has performed relatively well for the network, so far, network executives have remained mum about the possibility of renewing the series for a second season.

'Resurrection' is a fan favorite - but there has been no decision on its fate at this time.
'Resurrection' is a fan favorite - but there has been no decision on its fate at this time.
Though the series has been popular with fans, ABC has yet to renew the series

"Resurrection" which stars Omar Epps ("House M.D") Kurtwood Smith ("That 70's Show,") and Frances Fisher ("Touch,") revolves around the premise that residents of the sleepy town of Arcadia, Missouri are rising from the dead with no recollection of where they went after death and no explanation as to why or how they returned.

But, return they did. The finale saw the dead return in droves. Upon realizing it would be difficult to continue to keep the situation contained, Bellamy (Epps) contacted his boss Willis (Tamlyn Tomita, "Teen Wolf") for governmental assistance. She pulled some strings and was vague on details, but reinforcements were sent.

That's when things nosedived in Arcadia. Spurred by jealousy over the fact that his wife Barbara (April Billingsly, "The Vampire Diaries") chose to remain with her lover Samuel (Ned Bellamy "Twilight") instead of returning to him, Sheriff Langston (Matt Craven, "NCIS") filled government official Colonel Stone (Mike Pniewski, ""Drop Dead Diva") in on what was really going on in the town. Determined to protect the living rather than the dead, the Returned were herded to the school gym where they were contained by force. Well, most of them, anyway.

Realizing something was amiss, Bellamy was able to help some of the Returned escape. He was also able to head Henry (Smith) and Lucille (Fisher) off at the pass and keep Jacob (Landon Gimenez) safe - for the time being. Understanding the seriousness of the situation, Henry and Lucille bid a tearful goodbye to Jacob and asked Bellamy to take him out of town to safety. Though Bellamy tried, the duo was detained by what appeared to be two government vehicles and a helicopter before they could flee from the town.

The finale left room for a second season. Viewers are still unsure of Jacob and Bellamy's fate and learned that Bellamy has a direct tie to the Returned. As Caleb's (Sam Hazeldine) disappearance is also unresolved and the mystery of Rachel's (Kathleen Munroe) pregnancy remains unexplained, there are plenty of questions left to fuel a second season.

Only time will tell if ABC will renew the series. With such an interesting and unique story idea, though, it would be a shame to deny viewers the chance to explore this series further.