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‘Resurrection’ strong season finale: Omar Epps talks season 2, finale

Epps talks about finale, death and season 2
Photo by Craig Barritt

ABC renewed its hit new series, “Resurrection,” for a second season following a strong finish. The season 1 finale, according to a May 18 report on The Epoch Times, cited Nielsen statistics of 7.9 million viewers. That is good news for fans who want to find out what will happen next in small Missouri town of Arcadia where the dead seem to be ‘returning.’

Classicalite attributes the renewal to the rise in ratings for the finale. The show had been losing viewers with each episode until the finale. The key was the increase in the 18-to-49-year-olds market. Advertisers pay premiums for space on shows with strong viewership in this age range. “Resurrection” scored a rating of 2% for the finale, up 5% over the previous week.

Omar Epps, who stars in the series as Agent Bellamy, recently spoke about how he felt the finale’s crazy scheme would bring about a second season. He has been a strong advocate for the show since he signed on. He said the key to his character is never being sure which is the right way to go ethically speaking until it’s time to make the choice.

"Bellamy exists in a gray area, compared to characters that I played before. I've been on one side of the fence or the other, and he's really in the middle. It's been challenging to find the character.”

Epps feels like Bellamy is the “eye of the audience.” He is seeing things the way the audience does and is unsure about what his next move should be every step of the way.

When asked about what he personally believes happens when someone dies, Epps would only say that he believes energy never dies. He acknowledges being a spiritual person and thinks that energy is forever. “How that energy shifts is up to that individual journey. Anything is possible."

“Resurrection” will return on ABC, presumably in the fall. No air date or details have been released yet but we will keep you posted.

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