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'Resurrection' spoilers: Rachael returns pregnant to a hostile town

Sunday Night won't be the same with “The Walking Dead” out of commission for the next several months. Thankfully though a new series has captured fans and drawn them into each week's quest to find out what is happening on “Resurrection.” According to TVLine on Sunday, the show tonight will be focused on Pastor Tom's fiancee, Rachael. Rachael (Veronica Cartright) is in for a surprise by the town's reaction to her return. Rachel is pregnant and does not receive a warm welcome. This is a spoiler for “Resurrection” and those who wish to stay blind to tonight's events should turn away now.

You Shouldn't hear this: "Resurrection" church meeting
courtesy ABC/Guy D'Alema

According to Sunday's TV Muse, “Home” is the title for episode six , featuring guest star James Tupper (Dr. Eric Ward) working for the NIH. Dr. Ward is going to be regarded with suspicion as he investigates Arcadia's mystery of the reappearance of people who have been considered dead for years. The sudden return of dead people puzzles everyone and int he town's mind, newcomers could be responsible for the strange happenings .

The people of Arcadia,Missouri have been forever changed since their deceased loved ones suddenly start to return. It is causing confusion and suspicion of newcomers in the small town. Jacob an eight-year-old American boy started the return of missing an d dead people. J. Martin Bellamy is an immigration agent that finds himself the main contact for returning the little boy and investigating the town's happenings.

This week people are not believing that little Jacob is who he says he is and the town becomes angry when the Pastor of the church not only believes Jacob is returned but insists that the town has nothing to fear from the returning loved ones. Pastor Tom and Agent Bellamy have to walk a tough road when it comes to convincing others that everything is okay.

The ABC series has sprung to live and brought some intrigue to Sunday nights. ABC offers HD Live through “ON DEMAND” for those providers that offer the service. Otherwise, watch “Resurrection” on Sundays at 9:00 p.m. EST on ABC.

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