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‘Resurrection’ spoilers: Jacob and Caleb link found? Pastor Tom is shocked

The “Resurrection” fans might be just getting comfortable with the new ABC show, but on Sunday the fans are in for a serious turn of events that will have everyone shocked, including Pastor Tom. This “Resurrection” spoiler is for the March 23, episode so viewers who don’t want to know the results should turn away now. According to the Charlotte Observer, the shocker waiting for Pastor Tom isn’t anything that he saw coming and everyone is asking if it will shake his faith to the core.

The exhuming of Jacob’s grave only deepens the mystery of his return. Henry struggles to accept that Jacob is really the son he lost 30 years ago and is searching for answers to prove this child isn’t his. The intensity of the search gives fans a chance to better understand the bond between the man and his son.

Meanwhile, Bellamy and Maggie search for a connection between Jacob and Caleb’s deaths. Looking at the community, the two wonder if the local river may hold a clue and how it ties in to the story. Their digging also unearths Caleb’s criminal past and it’s not a pretty picture. He robbed the bank his daughter Elaine works at just days before his death and the investigation makes everyone wonder what really his punishment was for such a serious offense.

The “Resurrection” episode called “Two Rivers” is on Sunday night on ABC. The program starts at 9 p.m. ET.

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