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'Resurrection' spoilers for season 1 episode 4: Jacob and Caleb are connected

Omar Epps
Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images

Tonight is season one episode four of "Resurrection" on ABC. This show is starting off great and fans want to know more about it. On March 30, The Epoch Times shared big spoilers about this new episode. Caleb and Jacob are connected and in a weird way.

Maggie is driving along with Jacob in the car. He will realize that they just drove past Caleb without seeing him at all. Somehow he can just feel him and knows that he is right there. This is a new connection between the two that nobody was expecting to see.

He explains that he can feel him and thinks it was at his dad's old factory. Jacob will have another seizure tonight too that is going to have everyone wondering what is happening with him. Don't miss Pastor Tom trying to figure out what to do about his old love returning. Tonight won't give you many answers, but just more questions.

Don't miss new episodes of "Resurrection" on Sunday nights on ABC.

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