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‘Resurrection’ spoilers for episode 3 revealed

Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

ABC has revealed spoilers for episode 3 of “Resurrection,” and the mystery deepens as Agent J. Martin Bellamy tries to find answers. The Epoch Times reports on March 18 that the “Two Rivers” episode will focus on Jacob’s grave. Bellamy finally gets his wish to exhume it, but it may not provide the clues he wants.

The “Two Rivers” episode will also focus on Arcadia’s river as Bellamy begins to wonder if it is connected to the return of the dead. In addition, the agent struggles to find a connection between Jacob, who came back first, and Caleb. There does not appear to be a clear link between them, but this does not stop Maggie from trying to help. Meanwhile, the Langston family continues to struggle with accepting Jacob while wondering if he is actually their son.

The search for information will lead the cast to discover that Caleb has something to hide about his past. He once robbed the bank, and he may want to keep this part of his background hidden. As Bellamy and Maggie attempt to discover how and why Caleb and Jacob have come back, they seem to find more questions instead of answers.

ABC has also shared that the first season of “Resurrection” will have eight episodes, and the season finale will air in May. This does not leave fans with a great amount of time to discover why the dead are coming back and if they are truly the lost family members.