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'Resurrection' spoilers: Caleb's colorful past is revealed

Cast of "Resurrection"
Cast of "Resurrection"
Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

Resurrection” is easily one of the best shows ABC has put out in a number of years. It took the ratings by storm and has an ever-growing fan base. At just two episodes in, speculations about Caleb Richards and Jacob Langston are flooding social media. According to a March 21 report from E! Online, the third episode will lead Agent Bellamy to discover Caleb and Jacob's deaths are connected to the local river. That is where Jacob and his aunt drowned 32 years ago.

There has been an eerie feeling about Caleb Richards since he was seen hitchhiking his way back to Arcadia in the first episode of “Resurrection.” Fans believe something evil is behind his return, which is definitely what the show is foreshadowing. Episode 3 will reveal a lot, including Caleb's criminal past. He robbed the bank his daughter worked at just days before he died. During the second episode fans saw Caleb digging for something, presumably the money.

So many questions have come from “Resurrection,” keeping fans interested. As the season unfolds, answers will be given and more questions will be asked. Fans can catch up on “Resurrection” on demand with Comcast or on All new episodes air on ABC Sunday evenings at 8 p.m. CT.

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