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'Resurrection': Sneak peek of episode 2

Last night the first episode of "Resurrection" aired and it was a hit. Most viewers enjoyed it and are looking forward to seeing what the rest of the season will be like. On March 10, a sneak peek of "Resurrection" season 1, episode 2 was uploaded to YouTube.

Omar Epps stars as Agent Bellamy in "Resurrection"
Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images

The clip starts off where the first episode ended, with Elaine talking to her father, Caleb, who is supposed to be dead. Agent Bellamy enters the room and introduces himself. Wanting to know what is going on, he asks to speak with Elaine's dad. Just like Jacob, he doesn't remember the period of time between the moments before his death until now. His story before his death is that he was driving his truck and then just blacked out. He said that he woke up three days ago in Portland. Maggie explains that he had a heart attack and then Bellamy tells him that he died. At this point, Caleb is stunned and almost looks like he is going to pass out.

As fans remember, Jacob had a seizure. Could Caleb also end up having one? Are seizures part of being back to life? And how are they ending up in different places than where they died?

Clips shown on television immediately following the show revealed that a lot of those questions are going to be answered. However, don't expect it to be something simple. It looks like "Resurrection" is going to be filled with mystery, suspense, action and shock.

What did you think of the show? Will you be watching "Resurrection" episode 2, set to air on March 16?

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