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'Resurrection' shaping up to be ABC's next big hit

Cast of "Resurrection"
Cast of "Resurrection"
Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

ABC has been struggling with Sunday night ratings since “Desperate Housewives” left the air two years ago. “Betrayal” and “666 Park Avenue” were both put on Sunday nights, and both were canceled. “Resurrection” was built up and promoted well, which turned into viewers wanting to check out the show. According to a March 10 report from New York Daily News, “Resurrection” brought in over 13 million viewers. The ratings were quite high among the 18-49 age group, which is the target audience.

Fans are already invested in “Resurrection,” which is good news for ABC. Several speculations have popped up about how the show will play out after just one episode. The basis of the story is about long-time dead loved ones returning after being gone for several decades. The show tests the faith of people and the willingness to believe in miracles. Of course, there will be a dark side to the story. Fans believe the father who came back at the end of the premiere episode is evil, but no one is sure why.

Strangely enough fans are waiting for renewal news after just one episode of “Resurrection.” Because this was a mid-season premiere, it may be an announcement made quicker than anyone expects. If you missed the series premiere or want to watch it again, you can catch it on demand with Comcast or on the ABC website. All new episodes of “Resurrection” will air Sunday nights at 8 p.m. CT on ABC.

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