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'Resurrection' season one finale spoilers: Was this show renewed or canceled?

Omar Epps
Photo by Craig Barritt

Tonight is the big season one finale of "Resurrection." This is one episode that you won't want to miss and it is already being teased that it will end with a huge cliffhanger. On Friday, EW shared about how this season will end with fans wanting more. Showrunners Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters shared a lot of spoilers.

One big thing that was shared is that they are hoping for a second season, but so far there is not one coming. They wrote it like the show is coming back again though and will leave a big cliffhanger. The town doesn't know what to do with all of these people who have returned and they have to figure it out.

They hope to get a new season and if that happens you will understand more about why all of these people came back. It is obvious that even though they think they know what is going on nobody really knows right now. A big spoiler shares that Caleb won't be back this season and you also won't find out why he is gone. Of course that could come later if the show is renewed.

These people are not back to cure a disease. That is not the reason they returned at all, but it could end up being a big part of the show. It might be a bonus of them coming back to life again.

CBS News shared that this finale will make you rethink the entire season. You will want to DVR it and have the option of rewinding the TV. Fans are going to be left with some confusion, but that is not a bad thing at all.

Don't miss the season one finale of "Resurrection." It will air tonight at 8 p.m. CST in the Oklahoma City area on ABC. At this time, the show is airing as a season one finale and not a series finale. Hopefully ABC shares soon if it is coming back for season two or not but so far there is no official word.

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