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‘Resurrection’ season finale raises the dead, has shocking cliffhanger

The finale of the first season of “Resurrection airs Sunday night and it promises to be even more mystifying than the entire season has been so far. In their May 2 report, TV Guide talked about how young Jacob reappeared in his home town of Arcadia, Missouri 32 after drowning. In the jaw-dropping finale, Arcadia will be overrun by hordes of the “returned” and the townspeople are batting over how to handle it.

‘Resurrection’ season finale raises the dead, has shocking cliffhanger
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The producers have promised that some of the season’s big questions will be answered; however, we are not going to find out why the dead are returning. Aaron Zelman, the executive producer, says, “You won't get a definitive answer, but we do drop a bit of a bomb that opens up more questions. There's going to be a surprise."

What is the surprise? We know it has to do with Agent Bellamy, the character played by Omar Epps. Bellamy has been working to protect Jason until the mystery of his return could be figured out. Zelman hints that "Bellamy's own childhood was very traumatic, so in a sense he's protecting his inner child. In the finale, the audience will get a new understanding of who he is."

CBS News quoted Epps as saying, "I can't give away much, but we've got a hell of a cliffhanger that I think is going to make the audience go back and watch the whole season again. It's going to make them go back and question everything about the whole first season even after seeing it." Oooh! Sounds intriguing!

The episode will also focus on Sheriff Fred Langston (Matt Craven) and his daughter, Maggie (Devin Kelley) who were both hoping their matriarch, Barbara would be among the “returned.” She is but things that come out in the episode “could blow apart everything Maggie's ever known about her family. Skeletons are going to tumble out of the closet," Craven warns. Maggie and the man who raised her could end up in conflict. Sheriff Fred raised Maggie to be bright and independent. She’s not apt to accept things just because he tells her to.

Though “Resurrection” has yet to be renewed by ABC for a second season, Epps and others will be shocked if it isn’t. Zelman insists it’s the personal stories of the characters that keep fans tuning in. "It's my goal to keep the big mysteries alive but reveal answers about the characters' emotional lives along the way," he says. "The finale is really a springboard onto next year and beyond."

The season 1 finale of “Resurrection” airs Sunday, May 4 at 8 p.m. on ABC. Check out the promo for the finale in the video accompanying this article.

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