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'Resurrection' season finale: A military arrival and Jacob is in danger

Omar Epps stars as Agent Bellamy in "Resurrection"
Photo by Craig Barritt

The season finale of "Resurrection" will be airing on Sunday night and it should be a great episode. On April 28, Hollywood Hills posted a sneak peek of the upcoming episode and things look like they are going to get crazy. As fans saw from the ending of the last episode, hundreds of deceased individuals have shown up and there is no way the town of Arcadia can keep it a secret any long. So what can fans expect when the final episode airs?

The sneak peek reveals that hundreds of the returned are in some sort of building, probably a place where their names and a bit of their history can be logged. Sheriff Langston says that they protect the living, not the dead. Also, the Army shows up, which will probably have its own set of difficulties.

It must be hard enough to deal with suddenly having family members and friends who are dead show up. However, when the Army shows up, that means that instead of the returned being treated like people, they are most likely going to turn into research, experiments or perhaps even regarded as terrorists. One speculation is that they will be poked, prodded, interrogated and put through all kinds of tests.

The sneak peek also shows that Jacob is in danger and Bellamy is seen trying to run with him. Is he trying to protect the boy from the Army or are they running from someone (or something) else? There is one point in the sneak peek of the "Resurrection" season finale that shows Lucille slapping the sheriff. Could his statement "we protect the living, not the dead" mean that he called in the Army? Could he be trying to rid the town of the returned by turning them over, including Jacob?

Another sneak peek posted on ABC's website shows Bellamy and a few others walking out of the church. They notice several military vehicles approaching. The man in charge comes up to the group and wants to know which one is Bellamy.

What do you think is going to happen on the "Resurrection" season finale? What does the Army want with Bellamy and why does he run with Jacob? What will happen with the hundreds of returned and the biggest question of all, why are they returning?

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