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‘Resurrection’ season 2: Trailer teases ‘More are coming,’ has Michelle Fairley

Resurrection” Season 2 is less than a month away from its premiere and we finally have a new trailer. Fans learned earlier this summer that “Game of Thrones” actress, Michelle Fairley, who played Stark family matriarch Catelyn before her brutal murder, would be joining the cast. In the “Resurrection trailer, she can be seen greeting a stunned Henry Langston, her son. According to International Business Times on Sept. 2, this is the first glimpse anyone has had of Fairley’s character, Margaret Langston.

‘Resurrection’ season 2: Trailer teases ‘More are coming’, has Michelle Fairley
Photo by Youtube (Screen Capture)

Margaret Langston is the latest ‘Returned’ person. She is Henry and Fred’s mother, making her Jacob’s grandmother as well.

In the Season 2 trailer, Henry is quite obviously stunned to see his mother. There is a noticeable age difference between the characters, one that was noted at the San Diego Comic Con by producers. This will probably be explained away as the season progresses.

When Season 1 ended, Henry and his wife had agreed to let Agent Bellamy take young Jacob away to protect him from the government. Before they could make it all the way out of town, however, they were stopped by an armada of military vehicles, including helicopters. The military appeared to be ready to kill the Returned. The promo clearly shows Jacob escaped this fate. He is seen talking to his grandmother at the Langston family mausoleum in the dead (forgive the humor) of night. “I died, but then I came back. Just like you, Grandma,” Jacob tells Margaret.

The fate of Agent Bellamy following the Season 1 cliffhanger is not so clear. In the “resurrection” trailer, he is seen waking up in a field. This is remarkably similar to how others of the Returned seemed to come back. At first they are not there, and then they are. They seem to simply wake up from a long sleep. Could Agent Bellamy have been killed and now he, too, is a Returned?

Another mystery revolving around Bellamy is the 1950s family that Returned in the Season 1 finale. They were looking for their son who had a crescent shaped birthmark on the back of his neck. Just before the Season 1 finale ended, Bellamy inadvertently revealed just such a mark on his own neck.

Whether or not Bellamy is a Returned, it seems there will be plenty of new people on the show. The promo promises “More are coming.”

Resurrection” Season 2 will premiere on ABC on Sunday, Sept. 28. Check back often for more updates and spoilers.

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