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‘Resurrection’ season 2 spoilers: Time lapse, 'Mother in Law from Hell'

‘Resurrection’ season 2 spoilers: Time lapse, 'Mother in Law from Hell'
‘Resurrection’ season 2 spoilers: Time lapse, 'Mother in Law from Hell'
Photo by John Sciulli

Resurrection” is returning, like many of its previously dead characters, this fall. When the show kicks off its second season, there will be some noticeable differences. According to executive producer Aaron Zelman, the show won’t be picking up exactly where it left off as reported by Breathe Cast on Aug. 18.

Zelman indicated there will be a time lapse from the events that transpired in the Season 1 finale to where things pick up in the Season 2 premiere. , "There's a very surprising way into Season 2," Zelman says, "We won't open right at the end of Season 1. We come in about a week later. Things have happened in town that you'll get a surprising explanation for that will take things in a darker direction for Season 2."

The producers are using fear as a primary motivator this season. Executive producer Michelle Fazekas addressed the issue of fear in his comments. "The fear is that we don't know and are stringing you along. But there is an answer. The show is not only about the answer, about why this is happening. It's about these characters and how this affects them," Fazekas said.

Fazekas also confirmed that “game of Thrones” actress, Michelle Fairley has joined the cast. She’ll be playing one of the recently ‘returned.’ Her role as Henry and Fred’s mother and Jacob’s grandmother could be a pivotal one. "She's the mother-in-law from hell, literally," said Zelman.

Why is her role so important? "A big part of the mother of Henry and Fred coming back is what she reveals," Zelman said, "When the returned come back they tend to have secrets. Her secrets have to do with the family business and what that secret entails uncovers a big part about the returned phenomenon itself."

'Resurrection' Season 2 will air on Sept. 28 on ABC. We’ll keep you posted on developments and spoilers as we get them.