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'Resurrection' season 2: Expect more of the returned

Fans were excited when "Resurrection" was renewed for a second season. There hasn't been much news on what to expect, but on Aug. 9, Ecumenical News reported some details. It turns out that viewers can expect more of the returned when the series comes back on the air.

Omar Epps plays Bellamy in "Resurrection"
Photo by D Dipasupil/Getty Images

The returned are still a mystery and while it allowed for a second season, it made some fans disappointed that there were no answers on the season finale. Perhaps with even more of the returned coming there will be some hints. Are they really the people they say they are, how did they come back and most importantly, why?

Michelle Fairley will be playing Margaret Langston, a new "returned" character. She is Henry and Fred's mother, who has been dead for three decades. When she comes back, she will appear to be younger than her children and will reveal some secrets about the family business. Producer Aaron Zelman told TV Guide that the secret she reveals will uncover a huge part of the phenomenon of the returned.

Some tidbits about the second season were revealed at Comic-Con and on Twitter. There will be a time jump of just one week, but it will have a darker vibe. Rachael's pregnancy will play a big part of the upcoming season and Bellamy will be "a little different than the other returned" characters. He will be more active instead of reactive and he will be getting a new boss who is simply described as being elegant (Caleb will not be coming back.)

The executive producers also teased that the show does have answers. However, "Resurrection" is more about the characters than knowing the answer. It was also revealed that fans should expect a surprising consequence as a result of the mass exodus.

Are you looking forward to "Resurrection" season 2? What are your theories on the returned? Mark your calendars because the show will return Sept. 28 on ABC.

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