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‘Resurrection’ recap for ‘Home’; the town reacts to Rachel’s pregnancy

‘Resurrection’ recap for ‘Home’; the town reacts to Rachel’s pregnancy
‘Resurrection’ recap for ‘Home’; the town reacts to Rachel’s pregnancy
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Episode 6 of the new ABC series, “Resurrection” aired Sunday night. The episode titled “Home” did not have any new ‘arrivals’ in it. Instead, it focused on the investigation and the town’s reaction to the latest arrival, Rachel and the disappearance of Caleb.

With Caleb vanished without a trace, everyone in town is on edge, including Sheriff Fred. He reviews the surveillance footage over and over but all he can see is an odd ‘blip’ on the film at the moment Caleb disappears from his locked cell. He tells Elaine about her father’s disappearance. Her brother, Ray, says that man wasn’t their father. Later, Gary threatens Sheriff Fred and says he’ll do the sheriff’s job for him if need be. Elaine feels down but a little chat with police detective Andrew Chartman has her feeling better.

Marty is concerned about government involvement when Maggie tells him she phoned an old friend for help. The old friend, Eric Ward, is a former professor who now works for NIH. Eric meets with Marty and promises to be discreet in his inquiries. He tells the group based on the case files Maggie sent him, he’s found a pattern concerning the location where each ‘returned’ person was found and it correlates to their latitudes. It may be possible to predict where others will crop up.

Eric gets to talk to Jacob and invites the boy and his family to Bethesda for some lab work. He believes there they may be able to prevent Jacob from disappearing like Caleb did. Henry and Lucille have mixed feelings but neither wants to risk losing Jacob again.

Fred’s buddy, Paul, shows him a secret room stocked with lots of weapons. Paul wants Fred to know that if he needs the townspeople’s help, they have his back. Fred appreciates the offer but reminds Paul there is a protocol to follow. When Freed returns home, he sets a wedding ring on the night stand. Perhaps he is hoping his wife will be one of the next ‘returned.’

Rachel tells Tom about the pregnancy and he is stunned. He in turn tells Janine who is very upset by the news. She wants to know if Rachel plans to have the baby; after all, she did try to kill herself. He says yes and he plans to support the child but he is committed to Janine. At church, Helen offers to be a shoulder for Janine. Janine confides the situation with Rachel to Helen. Helen visits Rachel in her hotel room and tries to convince her to leave town. When she won’t Helen threatens to expose Tom to his parish. Rachel calls Marty and warns him of Helen’s threat.

The Wall Street Journal recap recounts how Tom steps in front of his congregation and faces a full house. Rather than a prepared sermon, he talks about what has happened in the last week. He opens the floor to questions from the people and tells everyone not to give in to fear. Gary storms in and gets everyone all worked up. Marty tries to help but he has no answers. Tom orders everyone to sit back down and calm themselves. Just as they are doing that, Helen blurts out her news about Rachel being pregnant with Tom’s baby. The church begins to empty and half the congregation is upset by the news. Janine and Tom have it out at home. She won’t apologize for spilling the beans because she knows Tom still loves Rachel.

Rachel is tricked into getting into a police car. Once inside, Gary gets in the back seat. They drive off with her despite her protests. Gary marches her into a cabin in the woods. His plans for her are not yet revealed.

"Resurrection" airs on Sundays on ABC.

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